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  1. Turningbacktime


    Is there a member of NAWCC in the st. Louis area that would be willing to give me some help on a repair and selling a small collection of clocks
  2. Turningbacktime


    I have posted before about a clock that I bought in pieces and was told to be a Hershedes but told on this forum that it is not. I have finally gotten around to putting it together but there is one item that i am not sure how it fits in. I have placed it where I think it should go. I placed...
  3. Turningbacktime

    Herschedes Grandfather Clock

    I recently purchased a Herschedes Grandfather Clock that is in pieces. I have never worked on a Westminster Chime mechanism before - only time and chime and cuckoo clocks. Since this came in pieces, I have no way of knowing where some of the gears go in order to work properly. I have put some...
  4. Turningbacktime

    No name mantle clock with no face.

    Can anyone tell me what the name of this clock and where it is from and what kind of face it once had? Thanks so much
  5. Turningbacktime

    Removing top from hermle enclosed spring barrel

    I have a grandmother clock with a hermle movement in it. The spring barrel has a removable arbor with a long groove in it to catch on the spring hook. The hook will no longer grab on the arbor. I have switched the arbors and they work in the other two spring. So my conclusion is that the...
  6. Turningbacktime

    Waterbury wall clock lantern pinion

    This is a lantern pinion from my Waterbury wall clock. It is missing the wire that extends down through the lantern to the end of arbor. It was explained to me that this missing wire is the wire that picks up the teeth of the count wheel. I have ordered lantern wire stock and my question is...
  7. Turningbacktime

    Pink Spots and Streaks on Brass

    Does anyone have any hints as to how to clean pink spots and streaks off of a brass clock? It was very dirty and cleaned up nicely but the brass is discolored.
  8. Turningbacktime

    Waterbury Wall Clock

    I am fairly new at repairing spring wound clocks. I have repaired several musical cuckoo clocks - my favorites - but spring wounds are something else. I purchased several clocks and many parts from a barn and need to sort through and repair them. This one was very dirty and I dismantled it...

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