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  1. jplotkin

    R. Stewart, Argyle & Buchanan Streets, Glasgow

    Writing to share some images of a nice movement from Glasgow. And to ask about the providence of the Ebouche. Lovely movement, especially the details on the lever and (solid gold?) escape wheel: I'm particularly interested in figuring out who manufactured the plates. The bottom plate...
  2. jplotkin

    Keyed and keyless? (Barraud & Lunds)

    What's the deal with this terrific movement by Barraud & Lunds? It is a fusee, which winds and works well. But there is an elaborate form of keyless works on the backside, with some neat click mechanisms that I've not seen before. Is all this simply for time-setting, or was it possible to wind...
  3. jplotkin

    Is this repairable?

    Fusee cone has missing teeth. I imagine this means that it will wind, but won't be able to run continuously, because it will have no power delivery from spring to train whenever these missing teeth come around -- is the right? So, no easy fix?
  4. jplotkin

    Date from hallmarks (English Sterling, Frodsham)?

    Hi, Can you help me date this silver case? My best guess is London 1801, from the combination of hallmarks seen here. But the movement inside is a Charles Frodsham sn 8778 from around 1855-1858. So that would mean that either the case was made 50 years earlier than the movement, or the...
  5. jplotkin

    How to bend hands?

    Hi: I have terrific pocket watch but the hour hand seems to be bent slightly upward, especially towards the tip (see photo). The causes hour/minute to collide, even though they eventually manage to get past each other. I don't think the problem is with fitting the hands (see photo), but that...
  6. jplotkin

    Find the eccentrics!

    Can you help me find the eccentric screws on this mono-pusher Soviet chronograph Chk-28? I am posting photos in reset, running, and stop mode. Which screws are actually eccentrics, and what does each eccentric control? Watch is running well, but the connection between the clutch wheel and the...
  7. jplotkin

    How to install crystal in beveled bezel?

    Hi All: I finally overhauled this this family heirloom -- Helbros triple date -- to working order. But it's missing its crystal. I can make measurements and order some (plastic) replacements -- but how will I install the crystal on this watch? Because the bezel in which the crystal is seated...
  8. jplotkin

    Complete balance part -- meaning of specifications? Inc Mon RS AE Nov *DAnc*

    Hi: Swiss Ebauche sells many NOS complete balance replacements. What do the specifications on the packaging mean? Below is a photo attached, for example. 721N = complete balance replacment Inc = incabloc Kif = kif anti-shock etc. ***But, critically, what does "DAnc" versus "DAc" mean?***...
  9. jplotkin

    Helbros movement identification?

    Hi: I'd like to identify the movement (FHF?) or specifications for this Helbros manual-wind day/date/month watch with sweep seconds. After a complete servicing, I managed to terribly tangle the hairspring, and I'd like to find a donor movement (ideally entire balance assembly). But what other...
  10. jplotkin

    Fusee setup on cylinder escapement?

    Hi all, Quick question about setting up a fusee on a nice cylinder escapement (ruby is part of the balance pivot) -- see photos. I am used to setting up fusee on a lever -- where I can setup the entire fusee (including pre-tension from the setup ratchet) before inserting the balance wheel. The...
  11. jplotkin

    Weird cap jewel -- M. I. Tobias, Liverpool

    So here's this wonderful Tobias fusee from liverpool that I'm try to clean up. But the lower cap jewel for the balance is unlike any I've seen before. It sorta suspended from the top plate. And the cap jewel itself seems to be contained within a piece of metal that is slotted in horizontally...
  12. jplotkin

    Fusee chain madnessss

    Peak frustration in all my time with watches -- trying to reinstall the fusee chain on this English movement (sold in Philadelphia). Photos of the movement disassembled (before cleaning) are posted. I've re-assembled the two plates with the main wheel, third wheel, fourth wheel, barrel, and...
  13. jplotkin

    How in the world? (Swiss hairspring removal)

    How in the world do I remove the hairspring and balance wheel from this swiss balance cock? I'd like to clean remove the balance wheel entirely so that I can clean the top jewels and re-oil. But there is no screw or hairspring stud that holds the hairspring into the cock. So how do I remove...
  14. jplotkin

    How much 941 is enough?

    Here's a photo and -- more useful yet -- a video showing the interaction between the pallet jewel and the ratchet-tooth escape wheel (English movement), after cleaning and applying Moebius 941 to the pallets. The movement is running beautifully. But, for experts out there, is this a correct...
  15. jplotkin

    Frodsham 84 Strand -- modified movement?

    Hi All, Here is a lovely Frodsham movement now housed in a custom-made display case -- an aluminum case held between two glass planes. The movement is key-wind and key-set, and it was described as fusee (although I haven't de-cased to verify this). Movement dates to ~1855. But I am unfamiliar...
  16. jplotkin

    IWC Cal 98 -- what are these?

    Here is a nice IWC calibre 98 in 18k case. It has deep sentimental value to our family, too. I would like it serviced -- and I will probably do it myself, since I'm comfortable with even much smaller movements (and servicing is expensive compared to the nominal value of the timepiece). I don't...
  17. jplotkin

    Dent free-sprung movement, 61 Strand Street LONDON

    Hi All, I recently picked up this Dent movement, likely dating between 1901 and 1910. It has a free sprung balance, diamond balance jewel, and it appears completely unmolested. The pallet fork seems to have a metal pallets that interact with the pointed escape wheel, instead of jewels for...
  18. jplotkin

    Lubricate THIS? (E. Howard center arbor)

    Hi All: I'm re-assembling an E. Howard Series VII. It has an unusual center wheel, arbor, and cannon pinion. The center arbor is detachable from the center wheel -- and it needs to be pushed through the center wheel during reassembly. And the cannon pinion is attached to the center arbor coming...
  19. jplotkin

    How to stay sane? (Hole end)

    How can I possibly install this hole-end mainspring on my E. Howard motor barrel?? I've got the mainspring all wound up in the winder, with the hole end jutting out. But the "dot" on the inside wall of the barrel that catches the hole end is very small -- and whenever I pop out the mainspring...
  20. jplotkin

    How to remove *this* cap jewel/setting?

    Here's the balance cap jewel in the balance cock of an E. Howard Series VII. I've removed the regulator and the screws that hold the brass jewel setting. But how do I get off the cap jewel and setting itself? Unlike later watches, this E. Howard seems to have the nickel surrounding the setting...

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