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  1. Smudgy

    A new watch

    Click Here
  2. Smudgy

    'Turtle Watch' help

    Glycine was the name of a watchmaking company. They would have made the movement. Friedlander & Sons - Seattle, Washington was probably a private label that ordered the watch (or bare movement). It's possible that they were jewelers, or possibly made the case. The seventeen jewels and swiss...
  3. Smudgy

    Westclox Wrist Watches - Worth Collecting?

    I can't really help you with any of your questions. I just thought I'd reply to say that the value of collecting would be up to the person collecting and would be a rather subjective topic to rate. There is a relatively small number of people who collect dollar watches, they turn up occasionally...
  4. Smudgy

    ladies wrist watch

    It would be helpful if you'd post some pictures of the movement (insides). The brand name Ronson is likely a private label put on at the request of a customer and would be nearly useless for identification purposes. The manufacturers identity and possibly date of manufacture should be able to be...
  5. Smudgy

    Gruen Curvex 50mm ?

    You measure the watch by measuring the main (dial) plate. Dating would be assisted by a picture posting.
  6. Smudgy

    Benrus Caliber

    Is there some corrolation to the model number and caliber for Benrus. I have a model L11U4B8, but the number doesn't seem to match up with any of the caliber numbers I've seen.
  7. Smudgy

    Warning...newbie question

    Hi Pete Here's a link to a sight that has some definitions of watch terms, but alas not pronunciations. I saw a sight with pronunciations some whil;e back, but I can't remember where. If I do remember I'll post it for you. Good luck

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