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  1. Smudgy

    Would You Just Live With It?

    Did the clock lose time before the overhaul? Something else to check would be if it has a rating mechanism, does it properly hold the suspension? The question about the resistance has to do with the clutch mechanism that keeps the hands turning with the time train while still allowing you to...
  2. Smudgy

    Advice needed, please, regarding a Hamilton Grandfather Clock

    Check for a lever that puts it into silent mode (should be visible on dial if it's there). Another possibility is that there will be a steel arm that can be placed to keep the hammers from hitting the chimes, so check that it is pushed down far enough to allow the hammer full range (it will be...
  3. Smudgy


    Ancre is used a lot on European pocket watches.
  4. Smudgy


    The word ancre is usually a reference to the type of escapement (lever escapement). I can't say about the 13, without anything attached to the number (like rubis) it is difficult to say what it means. Model number is a possibility. Leroy Paris would be where it was manufactured. Posting a...
  5. Smudgy

    Thanksgiving Giveaway!

    I'll go with 3 (a turkey)
  6. Smudgy

    Labor Day Giveaway !

    e+i (imaginary e)
  7. Smudgy

    Help with PHS Skeleton

    Something that often works to fix friction fit holes to shafts is to roll the shaft under a file (allow the shaft to roll when doing this so it doesn't get filed). I use a round file for this, but I suppose any type will work. It raises a ring of burrs on the shaft that gives the hole some purchase.
  8. Smudgy

    fusee chain

    To rivet the ends turn the pivot wire down to the size needed for a bit longer than the width of the chain. Then leaving it mounted in the lathe assemble the chain parts and peen the protruding end. After the end is peened cut the excess wire and file or stone off almost to level, then peen both...
  9. Smudgy

    fusee chain

    I've repaired the chains in watches, it is difficult. My first link took a number of attempts to work out the procedure. Magnification is needed. It works best to cut and shape everything, but don't cut it loose from the stock until assembled. If you need a full chain I recommend buying it and...
  10. Smudgy

    Free 400 day Anniversary give away!!

  11. Smudgy

    I think there is a part missing!

    I think you are looking for a gathering pallet. It probably looks something like the one on the hour rack. Just looked again, it looks like a small gathering pallet is there.
  12. Smudgy

    Junghans swinger question

    I never worked on one of these types of clock, so I may be wrong, but I think I would try adding some weight to the bottom sphere before I altered the pendulum.
  13. Smudgy

    Grasshopper escapement

    Try posting in the Horological Books section.
  14. Smudgy


    The phenomenon that you are describing is due to the increased balance arc. An ideal balance will take the same amount of time to complete a vibration whether it is short or long. But in the real world an ideal balance cannot be constructed, in large part due to the impossibility to attach the...
  15. Smudgy

    sewing machine oil

    Using sewing machine oil on a clock won't damage the clock. The difference between sewing machine oil and clock oil is that sewing machine oil is designed to spread, while clock oil is supposed to stay where you put it. As long as you don't over-oil the clock, using sewing machine oil shouldn't...
  16. Smudgy

    Attention woodworkers.

    What type of wood is it, and how thick?
  17. Smudgy

    How do I

    You can also usually lift one of the strike levers to trigger the strike. Continue triggering until the strike agrees with the time shown by the hands.
  18. Smudgy

    Ball Pendant Watch ID?

    If it unscrews, the two hemispheres will be directly threaded into the center ring that the winder sticks out of. Just grasp the top hemisphere and twist like you are unscrewing a nut. Just use care not to damage the case or dislodge any of the stones. If it is difficult to turn with your...
  19. Smudgy

    Ball Pendant Watch ID?

    Try posting this question on the wrist watches board. If you could also open the case and get a picture of the movement it will help. From what I can see I would guess that the case unscrews to come apart.
  20. Smudgy

    Interested in building my first clock!

    Try this site - Online Clock Buyilding

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