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  1. Smudgy

    Bulova 5AP escape wheel

    I'm in need of a Bulova 5AP escape wheel, straight pivots top and bottom. Thanks
  2. Smudgy

    language conversion

    I stumbled on this site the other day and didn't know how many others are aware of it. Multilingual Dictionary for Horologists and Jewelers
  3. Smudgy

    American PW Waltham Colonial Hour wheel and hands needed

    I'm seeking parts for Waltham 1894 Colonial 14S; #8090A Hour Wheel, 32t #'s 1406-1407 Hands, Hour and Minute, 12S 14S Long Thanks
  4. Smudgy

    South Bend pinion and hand needed

    Hello I'm looking for South Bend 16S model 2 grade 211 parts; #377258 wheel, forth and pinion (teeth 80-10) #117830 seconds hand Thanks
  5. Smudgy

    Hamilton Friction Staff

    I'm currently working on a Hamilton 912. According to the serial number (3233xxx) it should have a friction staff. However there doesn't appear to be a blued hub that looks like a friction staff hub, just what looks like the roller seat for the balance staff, with no taper. The balance has the...
  6. Smudgy

    American PW Galloping beat

    I'm currently working on a watch that runs well but occasionally and seemingly randomly the beat changes from the regular even ticking to what sounds like a horse galloping (the sound is amplified with a watch timer). I can't seem to locate the source of the problem or even figure out what could...
  7. Smudgy

    Duplex escapement

    Does anyone happen to know how much motion a balance in a watch with a duplex escapement should have? Is it the same as for a lever?
  8. Smudgy

    American PW Elgin 6/0S mainspring

    I'm working on an Elgin 6/0S, 7J, model 1, grade 430 watch (SN 22153895). The problem is that I need a mainspring, the old blue-steel one is about set. I ordered a new one (MS-JA120) but the brace ears are too near the end of the spring to have both the brace and hole attached at the same time...
  9. Smudgy

    Help with pinion cutting

    I need some advise. I've been trying to cut a pinion (M 0.18, 6L) for the past few days. The problem I am having is that if I cut the arbor on each side of the leaves to size I get too much chatter to produce a good pinion. If I leave the stock to full diameter, or only partially reduce it...
  10. Smudgy

    my dad died from repairing watches.. Question..

    L&R is still around, it is a company that sells a range of cleaning fliuds. It would be difficult to know which chemicals he was using based solely on the company name. There has also been a change in chemicals that watchmakers use in response to finding the hazards involved with some of them...
  11. Smudgy

    General Watch Repairs... Hamilton, some Swiss Divers.. Questions. (see pics)

    I'd suggest studying and completely understanding how all the watch parts work before disassembly, make some sketches. Starting with a running watch and doing a cleaning would be another good way to start. That way you'll know what you've started with and what you should finish with. Use a...
  12. Smudgy

    Position error

    I'm working on a Benrus BM4 18/0s ladies watch. I've got a positional error of about 5 minutes stem down, all other positional errors are within 1 minute. The pivots are polished and have proper fit and shake, the balance is poised, the hairspring is concentric and flat, jewels are in good...
  13. Smudgy

    Citizen crystal replacement

    You should be able to find a crystal to fit at any number of material houses or crystal specialists, just do a search on the web or check the links list at the NAWCC homepage. Your local watchmaker may even have one on hand. If you want to replace it yourself you'll need to know which type of...
  14. Smudgy

    Pinion wire

    Has anyone seen pinion wire available anywhere (the stuff with the leaves cut). The only wire I've been able to find listed as pinion wire is blued steel wire (no leaves cut). If anuone knows where some may be available I'd appreciate knowing as I need some. Thanks
  15. Smudgy

    Regolator D C

    Does anyone have information on this company? I'm trying to identify a watch by this name. The logo is Regolator D C in a circle surrounding a 4 point compass rose and a small watchface in the center. There are 2 hallmarks on the silver case, one is in a shield shaped like an interstate sign and...
  16. Smudgy

    Cyma 751 help

    I'm currenyly working on a fairly brutalized Cyma 751. I was wondering if anyong had the dimensions for the mainspring and/or if anyone could give me a clue to a puzzle. I've gotten most of the movement assembled and everything moves freely, until I put power to the train. Then the escapement...
  17. Smudgy

    Seeking odd sized mainspring

    I trying to obtain an oodly sized mainspring. It seems to be larger than an ordinary watch spring, but smaller than a clocks. The dimensions are; Width 3.38 mm Strength 0.22 mm Length 320 mm Any information on where to obtain such a spring would be appreciated.
  18. Smudgy

    need help with a repair...

    Try browsing the horological links on the NAWCC homepage ( You should be able to find a local watchmaker there.
  19. Smudgy

    American PW 4s Illinois part #'s

    I was wondering if anyone knew the part number for a mainspring in a 4s model 1 Illinois. I was also wondering if anyone knew if the roller jewel is supposed to be round or half round. The watch I'm working on had a half round jewel that was too small (also loose). The hole in the roller table...
  20. Smudgy

    Mechanical WW Stripped jewel screw holes

    I'm currently working on a watch that came to me in pieces. I just figured that the previous owner decided the task was too difficult or had trouble locating parts. On assembling the watch I've discovered that the screw holes for the balance cock jewels are stripped. Does anyone know how to...

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