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  1. Smudgy

    South Bend winding stem

    The factory # for your mainspring is #47528 (str 17). There are 4 listed that are similar, the only difference being the strength #27528 str 19 #37528 str 18 #47528 str 17 #67528 str 17-1/2 (0.175mm or 6-1/2 Den) Use the #47528 unless you are having issues with the stock size (either...
  2. Smudgy

    South Bend winding stem

    What model is it? On some there is a small screw near the gear that mounts to the barrel that doesn't belong to a case screw or a bridge screw. The screw has lever to lock the movement in winding mode while letting down the mainspring. If you just inset a bench key and let it down and the...
  3. Smudgy

    Dial Wax

    The term is also used as related to a wax that is used to fill the numbers and minute/seconds marks on a dial (and any other designs). I think it is a mix of shellac and wax. It is available in black, red, and gold. I saw it listed in items for sale some years back, but don't remember where...
  4. Smudgy

    crystal for 10 size Hamilton pocket watch

    If the plastic crystal was original I would replace it with a plastic crystal. The new plastic crystals don't have the problems that the old ones have and are nearly impossible to break. Even the scratch resistance, while not as good as glass, is good. If you want to replace it with a glass...
  5. Smudgy

    Hairspring trouble Southbend 333

    You'll most likely foul the spring if you try scrubbing with a scratch brush. If the spring is rusted it is probable that the spring has lost some strength just due to the rust and the watch will run slow. You can try soaking in a light machine oil, then cleaning as usual to see if it will...
  6. Smudgy

    Waltham running fast

    If you have the watch laying flat on a hard surface it will run fast. To keep it from running fast you just need to put in on a soft surface, like a folded up cloth. Of course this will have no effect on positional errors or poor timing rate due to mechanical issues.
  7. Smudgy

    Roller Jewel placement

    The jewel being turned will often cause the jewel to catch on the corner of the pallet fork while trying to enter. If it catches a lot it can cause the watch to stop, but if it is just catching it a little it can cause decreased balance amplitude.
  8. Smudgy

    The mathematics behind a pocetwatch?
  9. Smudgy

    The mathematics behind a pocetwatch?

    The escapement would be a good area to use, there's a lot of mathematics involved.
  10. Smudgy

    Do you work on watches & clocks?

    I think that working on a clock is OK. You can learn some about the escapements and the problems associated with them even though the clock escapements tend to be simpler, easier to repair, and easier to diagnose. I started by working on a cuckoo clock (which may not be the best thing to start...
  11. Smudgy

    working a pocket watch

    There are a lot of things that could keep it from running, really too many to list and some you probably wouldn't be able to diagnose without some experience or help. Try rotating the balance (without bending the balance or hairspring, or breaking the pivots...The parts are delicate). That will...
  12. Smudgy

    Waltham 1892 18s 17j Two-tone repairs

    Straightening the pivot runs the risk of breaking it as mentioned above. The pinion can be heated to anneal, harden, and temper, but that will cause the pinion to become pitted and carbonized during the process. If you want to do the heat treatment route without the damage you can put the pinion...
  13. Smudgy

    Elgin grade 312 setting question

    If this is a newly recased movement I would start by trying to adjust the sleeve, as that would be the most likely area to cause a problem.
  14. Smudgy

    Visual estimation of amplitude

    Newcomers are welcome.
  15. Smudgy

    Visual estimation of amplitude

    The regulator shouldn't be touchy. The most likely cause fr it being touchy is that the hairspring needs to be trued. The hairspring should stay in the same position regardless of the position of the regulator. If it moves, even slightly, the hairspring needs to be adjusted. The hairspring out...
  16. Smudgy

    Visual estimation of amplitude

    It sounds like you have less balance action than desired. The balance should go through the 90 degree (half turn), then 180 degree (full turn) positions and continue further to the 90 degree position again (one and a half turns) if the watch is running well. Some watches, especially 7 jewel...
  17. Smudgy

    Visual estimation of amplitude

    I can't recall offhand the page numbers, but beleive Gazelly, Freid, and Daniels all cover the topic. The two armed balance is easier to determine rotation than the three armed. On the two armed balance the first crossing is at right angles to the at rest position and represents 1/2 turn. The...
  18. Smudgy

    Should Movements be self starting?

    Sorry, not lever set but lever escapement is what I intended to say. They should always self start unless out of beat.
  19. Smudgy

    Ansonia pocket watch

    Check the horological catalog at and see if they have the right size.
  20. Smudgy

    What are fobs used for?

    The fob only attaches to the watch. It gives something more to have a hold of than just the watch case, reducing the chances of dropping the watch. They also help locate the watch in the pocket and make retrieving it easier. They actually work surprisingly well even though they aren't attached...

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