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  1. Smudgy

    Book on American clocks

    I'm not a clock collector so I really can't help with an answer. I just wanted to say that you may need to decide on a time period or type as most of the clock books seem to be classified by maker, period, or type.
  2. Smudgy


    If you are just looking to read them (as opposed to collecting) they should be available online for anyone that is a member.
  3. Smudgy

    Coat of Arms Identification

    I read a lot of history. De Cuille used a single chevron on a black field. Around the time of Henry taking the English throne the different De Cuilles started adding to the design to distinguish between the different people, especially when on different sides in a conflict. The first one added...
  4. Smudgy

    Coat of Arms Identification

    The second one might be De Cuille.
  5. Smudgy

    Watch Repair for Beginners

    Richard Watkins has a download called "Mechanical Watches" (2 volumes) that has a huge list of watch books that he gives some idea of their content and suitability. Download it and when you are looking to buy a book and aren't sure if it will be useful it is a good reference that allows some...
  6. Smudgy

    Balance Wheel Escapements in Clocks

    The escapements work in very similar ways, so if you understand a watch escapement you will understand a platform escapement. The platform escapement is basically a watch escapement made larger. There's some information on the web, the first has animated escapements...
  7. Smudgy

    Repairing Quartz Watches by Henry Fried

    I think it's a decent book. It directs you ti finding the possible faults and types of repairs. It has allowed me to start diagnosing some of the quartz watches I have laying around. I still don't have much interest in repairing quartz watches, but I can now diagnose the few that I have an...
  8. Smudgy

    Mechanical Watches - font size

    I thought the font size was good. I don't have an e-reader either, but I think the portable devices have smaller screens than a computer does. So a larger font would probably be easier to read on them.
  9. Smudgy

  10. Smudgy

    Google Books related to watches and watchmaking

    Would it be possible to thumbtack this post?
  11. Smudgy

    Looking for Watchmaker's Jacot Lathe book

    The Bulova School of Watchmaking book has a section covering the Jacot toool.
  12. Smudgy

    NAWCC book Club

    Seems like a good idea. Especially if the option was possible after a reveiw was posted (such as by Fortunat Mueller-Maerki).
  13. Smudgy

    A Brief History of Time

    I read this book some years ago. I thought it was a good overview and easily understood. While it was lacking in some of the more difficult to understand concepts and technical aspects, it was well written for the audience and brought the concepts to a large population that otherwise would have...
  14. Smudgy

    Witschi Q 4100 Tester Op Manual

    If you have no luck again try at your local library. The librarians seem to have knowledge about how to locate out of print documents. I once needed a Chasis Overhaul Manual for a 69 Econoline. The librarian gave me a phone number and I had the manual in a week.
  15. Smudgy

    Competition! (Crespe and repeaters)

    I've sent you a PM
  16. Smudgy

    Competition! (Crespe and repeaters)

    First I have never actually seen a repeater “in the flesh”, so the following may be incorrect. The only knowledge I have of repeating mechanisms is the Crespe article you wrote and DeCarle’s “Complicated Watches and Their Repair”. If the following is incorrect I would appreciate a correction so...
  17. Smudgy

    Review: second worst book that I have read

    In a perverse way your review make me curious about both works.
  18. Smudgy

    Minute repeaters

    I'd like to read more about them, but if I'm the only one it probably isn't worth the time and effort.
  19. Smudgy

    ELGIN MATERIAL CATALOGS has some of what your looking for on-line. (cut and paste the link in your browsers address bar)
  20. Smudgy

    Clock Decorating Stencils!

    If your trying to locate a copy to purchase try asking at your local library. I've had some luck using this route.

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