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  1. S.Humphrey

    Can anyone give me some pointers for a very a stubborn cylinder escapement?

    It's an FHF 18.5. I'd very much like to get it running proper as it's a family heirloom, but I've fairly thrown the book at it by now and it's still not right.
  2. S.Humphrey

    Is there a good substitute for Seiko 8122A?

    I don't usually do anything with quartz watch, but it's for a friend and has sentimental value for him. His watch has a discontinued 8122A that I would determine to be totally fubar. It's had an exploded battery in there for a long time. What can I replace that with?
  3. S.Humphrey

    Tobias "half seconds"

    So, my big personal takaway from the NAWCC convention mart was I managed to find a Tobias "Half Seconds" watch. This one is actually signed as such on the dial, which I though was cool, and the dust cover is signed "Made Expressly for Geo. W. Welsh N.Y.". So . . . it's a 30 tooth escape...
  4. S.Humphrey

    William Cain, Liverpool. Double signed?

    Hello! I recently picked up this Liverpool watch signed "Willm Cain" because I like the Liver bird engraving on the cock, and it's got a Massey II, and a Thomas Helsby case. William Cain is listed in Baillie's and Loomes, though not Britten's, and there isn't really much of anything about him...
  5. S.Humphrey

    E. Howard 10 size 21 jewel question

    I have seen a number of these Keystone Howard 10 size, series 14, marked "21J" and with an arrow with a star in it, . . . but a "V" underneath it, and I only count 19 jewels. Is this a known thing, are they marked incorrectly, or are there jewels somewhere I'm not expecting? I'm sorry that I...
  6. S.Humphrey

    James Thickbroom, moonlighting?

    I have an anonymous fusee lever in a silver case by James Thickbroom. The movement is numbered and the numbers from the barrel bridge, under the dial, and the case match. I never really thought much about it, until today I saw another very nearly identical watch, numbered 191 before mine and 18...
  7. S.Humphrey

    Rockford damasking patterns

    Does anyone have any compiled information about which Rockford 18 size model 7 and 8 damask patterns are more rare than others? there seems to be quite a variety.
  8. S.Humphrey

    Mystery trade mark

    Does anyone recognize this trademark? It's the only mark in the case other than the # Has an Elgin movement in it, if that's any help.
  9. S.Humphrey

    $ New Haven Chime #1

    8 bell New Haven, Chime #1 in mahogany with french gilt trimmings. 2 small molding pieces from the top back are missing, a 3rd one is broken off. I planned to use it as a template to replace the two lost ones. Also missing one of the winding hole grommets. Runs and chimes great. No issues...
  10. S.Humphrey

    Fast running verge problems.

    I took this English verge in for a simple service, knowing full well they are rarely simple, of course. I knew it was running fast before hand and when I checked it upon receipt it was gaining approximately 15-20 minutes per hour! I have been working on it off and on for almost 3 weeks now and...
  11. S.Humphrey

    Any information on Warwick Watch Co. ?

    I recently purchased a travel clock labeled Warwick Watch Co. on the dial and on the movement. I know I have seen ladies watches from the 20' and 30's labeled Warwick, but I'm having trouble finding any info on this brand. It's certainly Swiss.
  12. S.Humphrey

    Warwick Watch Co. , info?

    I picked up this lovely Warwick travel clock at auction and wondered if anyone can tell me more information about the Warwick Watch Company, and if there are any methods for dating besides just style?
  13. S.Humphrey

    Howard Miller Grandfather clock, cost to service?

    Are there any Howard Miller Certified repair people on here? Or does anyone know what the average cost would be to full service this Grandfather clock by a HM repair person. The clock appears to be Model #4899. It's a 3 weight, chain pull, Kieninger, triple chime, with sleep mode and moon...
  14. S.Humphrey

    Junghans R/A suspension spring question

    A friend left me a rather destroyed Junghans R/A wall clock that he purchased at a garage sale and despite it's horrible condition I made some attempt to resuscitate it. My big question at this point, I think, regards the suspension spring. The spring that was previously there was broken but...
  15. S.Humphrey

    $ Iridescent Elgin

    I know this watch isn't very valuable, but I'm curious what people think of the coloring. This watch is developing a bit of blue/green and pink iridescence in the movement plates. I know for coins it can generally add value, but what are thoughts on this for a watch? I gave it a servicing...
  16. S.Humphrey

    Private label "Bartens & Rice, New York". Any ideas of the maker.

    Hello everyone, Won this nice movement recently for a song. Having a bit of trouble figuring out who actually may have made it. Just getting started really, but all I've learned is that Bartens & Rice did use some pretty high quality makers. The barrel bridge design may be similar to some...
  17. S.Humphrey

    Small alarm/travel clock, maybe French, any idea of the maker?

    Hi guys, A friend was hoping maybe I could fix this little clock for him and perhaps tell him anything about it. I'm afraid I don't know much. It appears to be unsigned with the exception of a trademark stamped under the alarm barrel, "J.F" for which I found no reference in Mikrolisk. Any...
  18. S.Humphrey

    American PW Too much endshake. Whats up?

    I've been working recently on a 1930's era Elgin wristwatch. Grade 464. I replaced a cracked cap jewel on top the balance cock, put a new hairspring and a new balance staff in it. All correct original nos Elgin parts used, but now I have a tremendous amount of endshake that I can't seem to...
  19. S.Humphrey

    Can you ID the model name of this 1930's Elgin?

    It is a Philadelphia Watch Case Co. case, but was this an advertised Elgin model? It has a 15 jewel 3/0 inside. Sorry I didn't take pics inside yet. Thanks in advance, S
  20. S.Humphrey

    Bulova 5AT - little and pretty. Pretty little.

    Someone mentioned in another thread that they felt ladies watches were underrated and I thought I would like to agree. I just found this beauty disrespected and disregarded by some scrapper the past week. Bulova 5AT 21j gold colored movement and winding wheels. I mean . . . COME ON! That...

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