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  1. bwclock

    Long Lever Embellishment, Am. Tall Case Clock, Early 1800's

    I thought the detail on the end of the long lever was a nice touch, as may be seen in the first photograph. The bird's beak has a groove dividing the upper and lower portions of the beak which I was unable to make visible in a photo. For those who might be curious about the movement, below...
  2. bwclock

    Schatz 400 Day Clock, Timekeeping Capability?

    This runt(8" tall to the top of the spire) Schatz 400 day clock showed up a couple of months ago with a group of horological parts and pieces. Rather than throw the clock out I oiled the pivots, put the clock in beat and wound it to see if it would run, out of idle curiosity. It has been...
  3. bwclock

    Twin fusee bracket clock, Westwood, London

    This twin fusee auction purchase arrived yesterday. It was packed by and individual with limited common sense who had no business packing and shipping clocks. Despite that, the clock arrived mostly unscathed. It was no prize to begin with, based on the auction house photos. I did not pay much...
  4. bwclock

    English Fusee Drop Dial, Time & Strike, Unsigned

    This recent acquisition was purchased at the Arizona Regional Show in early March. This was a "selling show" for me and this fusee clock was my only purchase other than a G. Boley screw-head polishing tool. Incidentally, at the Regional I sold many of the clocks I have posted on these Forums...
  5. bwclock

    G. Boley Screw Head Polishing Tool

    I recently bought the Boley screw head polishing tool shown below. The box and the main handle are marked G. Boley. I owned one of these tools twenty or more years ago but never got around to using it and a Swiss watchmaker who repaired mostly Rolex and higher end watches was eager to take it...
  6. bwclock

    Clerke, London Small Carriage Style Fusee Mantel Clock

    I thought someone who likes small English fusee clocks might enjoy a peek at this fairly recent acquisition. It is approximately 9" tall excluding the handle. For size comparison there is a photo below showing this clock next to two "standard size" French carriage clocks. The engraved oval...
  7. bwclock

    Early 19th.C. American Tall Case Clock

    A recent thread bemoaning the "quartzing" of antique clocks made me think of this American tall case. Specifically because the trunk door has been modified by having a glass inserted. I do not know how common this "improvement" is, but it is rare in my experience. It caused me to lose interest...
  8. bwclock

    Rbt. Norton, Stamford, England..Skeleton Clock

    Robert Norton was the son of Noah Norton. Both lived in Stamford. In the 1855 Post Office Directory covering Stamford Robert is listed as "watch and clockmaker High Street". In the 1847 Election Rolls Robert is listed as on High Street. In 1838 Noah built seven houses on Melancholoy Walk, known...
  9. bwclock

    Double fusee English bracket clock, early 18th.c.

    It seems like a slow day for postings on this forum, thus the following in case some of you out enjoy looking a clocks as much as I. This bracket clock recently came in for dial restoration and servicing. I am posting photos of it as I thought the movement was interesting in that it has seven...
  10. bwclock

    Small English Dial Clock, cast concave bezel, formerly fusee, now quartz

    This small English dial clock showed up a couple of years ago with an electric movement mounted to the dial via a bracket, hence the two holes next to the now vacant winding square holes. The clock's appearance captivated me despite the clock missing the original fusee movement. The engraved...
  11. bwclock

    French Black Slate Mantel Clock.

    As I was sorting through clocks to take to the upcoming Arizona Regional(yay! the first since 2019 due to Covid closures) I came across this French mantel clock. Sometimes even the more common and recent clocks have a certain charm. I bought the clock in 2020 to restore the case as a way to...
  12. bwclock

    Dwerrihouse Ogston & Bell Skeleton Clock

    This is a rare English skeleton clock. The maker is Dwerrihouse Ogston & Bell who are generally accepted as being in partnership from 1828 to 1835. The City of London Metropolitan Archives shows an insurance certificate in that name 22 March 1827. Further the London Gazette 1835 has a notice...
  13. bwclock

    American double fusee bracket clock, Massachusetts, crown wheel.

    The following is a double fusee bracket clock made by Talbot in Massachusetts. I purchased this clock from an elderly descendant of Talbot. The descendant informed me that it had been in the family since he made the clock and that Talbot was a Massachusetts clockmaker. The clock was in rough...
  14. bwclock

    English fusee bracket, Inglis, London

    Here is an English clock of an unconventional style and unusual in that the case is veneered in bird's eye maple. The photos are not the best; the case color is lighter in person and the irregularities in the case are not evident, absent close inspection. The clock measures 14" tall by 10 3/4"...
  15. bwclock

    Gothic Double Fusee Table Clock, McCabe, London

    Following are a few photographs of a gothic style brass inlaid rosewood double-fusee bracket clock. It is signed James McCabe London on the dial and movement back plate and is un-numbered. The case has an oak carcass veneered in rosewood and inlaid with brass. The side frets are cast brass. The...
  16. bwclock

    S & C Joyce, London, Triple Fusee Balloon Clock

    I thought an English clock lover or two might enjoy seeing this balloon clock. It is unusual for a balloon clock in that it chimes on eight bells. Additionally, the sweep seconds feature is not common. Also, the veneering(figured satinwood, rosewood cross-banding) is of superb quality. These...
  17. bwclock

    N.A.A.F.I English Dial clock. "Canteen Clock"

    I am posting this recent arrival in case you run into one while wandering about up to your usual no good. The clock has military crossover appeal. Cursory research indicates that the Navy Army Air Force Institutes was created by the British Government to sell to the servicemen and their...
  18. bwclock

    John Moore & Sons Bracket Clock...

    I bought this clock on eBay around the start of the Covid pandemic. I have a Handley and Moore astro dial regulator with a well-made movement and was curious if the quality continued when the firm was re-named John Moore & Sons after Handley's death. It did, which may have contributed to their...
  19. bwclock

    Serpentine Dwarf one-weight, W. Schonberger Wien, estate sale find

    Following is another recent purchase from a locally advertised estate sale. The first photograph below shows the photo in the ad. The ad description was "Beautiful very old hand carved trim and wall clock". ...W. Schonberger WIEN... Wenzel Schonberger is a recognized maker of Vienna clocks...
  20. bwclock

    Anton Hawelk, Wien 8-day Bracket Clock

    The following bracket clock is from a recent local estate sale. I went to the sale to buy an Evans skeleton clock and ended up also taking home this Anton Hawelk bracket clock. The case style is not to my taste however I bought the clock anyway as I was curious why the movement did not work and...

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