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  1. P.Hageman

    Moonphase Longcase Clock

    Thats very good result, I know how hard it is to make it that good!
  2. P.Hageman

    John Crucefix, early 18thC centre verge sheepshead lantern

    Very Nice Nick, the hand is superb! Just as Dean says, cut out a slot in the existings doors for the pendulem and thats it. Congrats.
  3. P.Hageman

    John Crucefix, early 18thC centre verge sheepshead lantern

    Hi Nick, a nice clock. Congrats. I send you a pm with a few pictures of a similair (although heavy altered movement) lantern by the same maker.
  4. P.Hageman

    Lantern Clock Longcase ??

    Very thrilled to see the pictures! I am almost certain its made by John Ogden the first one. What a beautifull movement and dial, does remind me on the early John Sanderson/ movements end dials as well. Certainly Quacker looking plain dial. Congrats, I love it! Would fit perfectly in my collection.
  5. P.Hageman

    George Prior, silvered fusee drop dial, early 19th C

    What a beautifull clock this is Nick!! Think you are getting probably the best collection of early dial clocks! A tiny bit jealous :)
  6. P.Hageman

    Nothing very special, but I was convinced

    At first thoughts, nothing very special. Just an oak 18th century 8 day longcase. But what a design, tall (235 cm) slender case, beautifull color, top to bottom all original. Even the caddy top and plinth are still in place. Original pinacles, seatboard, backboard etc. etc. Made arround 1765 I...
  7. P.Hageman

    Does anybody recognise this type of clock?

    Thank you all very much for your answers. I will in short notice get a look at this movement and perhaps then it will reveal its secret. Will post some more pictures then.
  8. P.Hageman

    Does anybody recognise this type of clock?

    This clock has a guilded wooden case, 46 cm in diameter. Movement has twin fusee and a nice engraved backplate. Size of the movement 15 x 21 cm. It has verge escapement. I thought it to be Vienna, but I am not sure. Its a clock from a friend of mine, I don't have additional pictures yet.
  9. P.Hageman

    Some photos of beginning restoration

    What a nice interesting thread!! Drooling!
  10. P.Hageman

    John Moss, Sherborne. Late 18th century hooded clock

    There are people with the name "Moss" known in Sherborn 18th century. For inst: William MOSS Sherborne
  11. P.Hageman

    John Moss, Sherborne. Late 18th century hooded clock

    Nick, you can't go wrong with this clock for what you payed for it!! (Even its not a Dorset one)
  12. P.Hageman

    Lenzkirch 1906/1907 clock, which kind of pendulum?

    Hmm, yes you are right Chris, never thought about it. ;) So Lenzkirch was a frontrunner.:)
  13. P.Hageman

    Lenzkirch 1906/1907 clock, which kind of pendulum?

    I picked this rather nice looking art deco clock up. I bought it just for the looks of the case, not bothering about the movement. (first time in my live buying a clock without looking at the movement) When I got home, I then noticed it is a Lenzkirch! Serial number 1.526.*** , so made...
  14. P.Hageman

    Hayter of Bath, 12" wooden dialled drop dial.

    Once again, a very nice clock indeed! Love those wooden dial clocks, but they are very hard to find! Congratulations Nick.
  15. P.Hageman

    Georgian broken arch fusee clock

    @ Jonathan, stupid of me, indeed you are right! Hmm, and that after all those years collecting :banghead:
  16. P.Hageman

    Georgian broken arch fusee clock

    Why do you call this a broken arch case??? I don't think thats the case here (no pun) From what I always knew this is a broken arch case: Or do I miss something?
  17. P.Hageman

    Scottish grandfather clock false plate marking

    I agree with Novicetimekeeper, I am pretty sure from what I see from the pictures, it says Wilson. Just try to search on "falseplate Wilson" and see what you get.
  18. P.Hageman

    Lantern Clock Identification

    If the movement original had a balancewheel, the going train ran into the opposite direction. A thourough investigation of the bottomwheel could give an answer, if there is wear on the other side of the teeth.
  19. P.Hageman

    Another English hook and spike / lantern clock

    Thanks for all the friendly comments. @ Ralph, the height of the dial is 11 inch and its wide 7,5 inch. So a nice small dial I think.
  20. P.Hageman

    Show us your hands

    I knwe there would be coming a lot of very nice hands, thanks! @ Will, those hands on the Lenzkirch, so beautiful!

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