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  1. Always_Late

    Gruen help

    Just nice to see a REAL 14k case with a movment still in it! With gold prices what they are, a lot of decent working watches have met the scap gold fate.
  2. Always_Late

    Electric WW My first watch case plating job...

    That looks GREAT. Can you do a more detailed how-to? I too, have been wanting to replate parts myself.
  3. Always_Late

    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    Re: What are YOU wearing today? Waltham 17J C:\Users\Tony\Pictures\Watch Collection\Waltham 17J incabloc Auto_2.jpg
  4. Always_Late

    With the upmost respect....

    This thread strikes a chord with me! As a kid, I too was facinated by all thing mechanical. The smaller and more intricate the better. I also served in the US Army as a tank systems mechanic. I graduated from scale ultra detailed model building to watch repair/restoration. I have only been...
  5. Always_Late

    Mechanical WW First successful watch repair

    Well done! I'm still in the novice stage of this amazing craft and there is nothing like setting the balance in place & watching it take off!
  6. Always_Late

    Superior Seatimer

    Thanks for the info. I forgot to look under the balance for a mfg mark on the movement. I like this one, but with 60+ watches, I have a hard time getting used to reading the 24 hour dial, so this one doesn't get a lot of wear time.
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    My wearable collection
  9. Always_Late

    Superior Seatimer

    Hello to All,...I'm new here & thought I would share an unusual one that was handed down from a relative. I cleaned it up, oiled it & polished the crystal. I've never seen another 24 hour dial like this and the movement only makes 1 revolution in a 24 hour period. Can anyone else add any...
  10. Always_Late

    A. Lange & Sohne, WW2 Large 55mm German Pilot Wrist watch!!!

    Nice to see an original piece, real bonus having an original band. Nice addition.
  11. Always_Late

    Modified Dumont Tweezers

    Brilliant mod for the cap jewels! I've got some older tweezers I'll be modifying. Thanks, great idea!
  12. Always_Late

    Modified Dumont Tweezers

    What modification do you do for the incabloc jewels? A picture maybe?
  13. Always_Late

    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Re: Watch Parts Wanted Looking for back cover & retaining ring for a Bulova 30J w/ octagon shaped case. Dia=1.12" Thank you!
  14. Always_Late

    Vietnam War tested watch

    Can you post a picture?
  15. Always_Late

    Luminis Dials on Watches

    I too own several Seiko's with "Lumibrite" dials, and Yes, they do glow VERY bright and seem to for a long time.

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