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  1. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas bob weight?

    I recently overhauled this Seth Thomas and found that the bob is not original. The bob that is with the clock is a replacement and weighs just over 2 ounces. It runs ok but is a little erratic near the end of the spring wind. I tried one from a Seth Thomas 89 that weighed 5 ounces. The clock...
  2. MikeDeB

    Please help ID this movement

    Hi All, I received this clock from a client for a complete overhaul. The issues with the clock are that it will not run or strike. As you can see it is a box clock and I believe it is from Germany. Also, it needs a seriously good cleaning! After bringing it home I uncased the movement...
  3. MikeDeB

    Please Help Identify This Clock

    I was at a client's home this last Wednesday looking at another clock when she showed me this clock. The story is that her great grandfather gave it to her great grandmother on their first wedding anniversary. I think it's a hundred years old or older. The logo on the dial looks familiar but...
  4. MikeDeB

    Sessions Mantle Clock Restoration

    Just recently finished up a restoration of a Sessions 8-day, time & strike, mantle clock. I purchased the clock for next to nothing last fall at an estate sale. It was part of a group of clocks that included an 8-day Gilbert movement and two electric clocks. The case of the clock was...

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