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  1. blindraccoon

    Becker Clock weight driven movement doesn't stop chiming

    A couple of months ago it was necessary to re-string this movement with cat gut. The weights were hanging on a kind of fish line wire, and the chime side got a bit 'entangled'. Before this entanglement, the clock was working fine. Long story short, I hired the cat gut to be installed and a...
  2. blindraccoon

    Bent gear tooth... Is it always necessary to replace?

    Any information that you all could provide would be very helpful in helping me to determine whether or not I should go forward with the repair of this movement. The pics are probably not going to be of much help, but I've included two of 'em just the same. Thanks in advance!
  3. blindraccoon

    Seth Thomas Movement T&S Sounds Like a Machine Gun Going Off

    Just acquired this Anglo clock w/ ST movement in September. It was actually 1/2 wound up when I first mounted it on the wall. All was perfect, including the time keeping. After it wound down, I fully wound it and the chime hammer was going off on the bell like a machine gun. This goes on for...
  4. blindraccoon

    BF Cuckoo Gathering Pallet 'Dislodged' and Now Won't Stay Put! No More Cuckooing:(

    I swear the only thing I did was: 1. Take clock off wall and laid it down on table 2. Remove Cuckoo's door to replace with another one 3. I did have to pull/strain the bird out a little bit to disconnect the little door wire 4. Put different door on and hooked it up 5. Hung Cuckoo...
  5. blindraccoon

    What the Heck? Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Ticking PERFECTLY~BUT Hands Will NOT Advance

    I received this cuckoo clock via Fedex yesterday and it was packed/insulated to perfection, so no worries there... movement had been cleaned/oiled and as far as I can tell, there are no obvious issues with it, at least to my novice eye. Hung the weights and it took right off. I manually moved...
  6. blindraccoon

    German Wall Clock Time Spring Needs to Be Replaced... nothing more

    I would appreciate some advice on the repair of a broken (barrel) spring in a German clock movement. I must assume most members here can do this type of repair, but unfortunately, I can't. And because you are skillful at doing your own repairs, you don't have to take your clock movements to...

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