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  1. captainscarlet

    Hampden Railroad Watches

    I knew I had a Hampden stashed away somewhere. So here it is. Not that familiar with American watches, so it has just languished in a drawer for years.
  2. captainscarlet

    Waltham 645 in an Ordnance Dept. base metal case?

    Hi Brad, Whitney's book shows the ordnance code "OE". For 21 jewel railroad grade pocket watches.
  3. captainscarlet

    Waltham 16S military issue 9J version

    Hi Roy, I believe this Waltham was issued by the British for use by the Indian Army in WW2.
  4. captainscarlet

    How do I identify this pocket watch

    Hi Dennis, have a look at "Marvin watch co":smile:
  5. captainscarlet

    Elgin Military 16s PW?

    Hi samking. Your watch appears to be a "ORD DEPT U.S.A. pocket watch. It would only be marked with a "Broad Arrow" if it had a British military connection. Here are a couple of pics from Marvin E Whitney's book to give you an idea what they looked like. The dial on yours would suggest a 17...
  6. captainscarlet

    How to carry a pocket watch without major, undue scratching/scuffing

    Here's the case I use for my daily wearer. It is a little bulkier than I would like, but it affords modest protection. I don't think I would put a solid gold watch in it, even though it is lined with felt and leather. I've been looking at the leather flip cases/pouches that attach to the belt...
  7. captainscarlet

    Some illustrated drawing of early American rarities.

    Not sure if this is relevant but here is a film of the illinois watch factory at work in 1922, if you have an hour to spare.
  8. captainscarlet

    Illinois Dial Refreshing

    Difficult to properly see the condition of your dial under the glass, but I have had some success using lemon juice and a fine watercolour brush on painted dials. Just a drop, and then worked lightly with the brush, then rinsed off with water. It's always a bit of a lottery when cleaning dials...
  9. captainscarlet

    Nickel photos

    Keith, here are a few of my cloudy day macro shots. No zoom, or flash, and around 150kb each. I'm sure a proper photographer would pick many faults, but they do for me. Point and shoot:smile:
  10. captainscarlet

    Nickel photos

    I'm no photographer, so I'm always keen to learn new tricks for any watch photo's I take. Currently I use an ancient Sony cybershot, digital camera. All my photo's are done outside preferably on a cloudy day using the macro (Usually a button with a small flower logo on it) function. As long as I...
  11. captainscarlet

    Washington watch co (Senate) info requested.

    I'm not down Fred, I'm pretty stoked about the watch. It's ticking away nicely on my bench after it's strip down, cleaning and oiling. Interesting observations with regard to the bridge layout. This is all gold information which I will place with the watch. I think my favourite part is the...
  12. captainscarlet

    Washington watch co (Senate) info requested.

    Well then Fred. There was me thinking I had found something rarer than a Unicorns dangly bits:excited: Thank you for bringing me back down to earth. I will look forward to your upcoming production estimates when you post them. Kent......What can I say?....Absolutely marvellous!! I hope you...
  13. captainscarlet

    Washington watch co (Senate) info requested.

    Chris and Bila, thank you for taking the time to reply to this post:bigsmile: I must confess to finding American watches very confusing to research. Yes I believe that the case is original to the movement as I can find no evidence that the movement once lived elsewhere. Since posting I have...
  14. captainscarlet

    Washington watch co (Senate) info requested.

    I recently acquired this watch and was hoping some of the experts on American watches could give me some more information. So far I have found that this watch was made by Illinois for Montgomery Ward and Co. It has a 17 jewel (Getty's?) illinois movement. Any and all information will be...

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