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    Beveled Glass needed

    How did Eric do? Do you have any comments about his work, and would you recommend him? Thanks.
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    So Has the Jury Reached a Verdict: Is Magic Cast the same thing as Historic Timekeepers?

    I’m new to the ultrasonic cleaning world. I haven’t actually taken the dip yet, but I’ve spent several hours on these NAWCC forums trying to educate myself on the proper cleaning solution(s) to use. I know this is a well-worn subject with lots of varying opinions. I’ll be cleaning not just...
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    Finding/Restoring Correct Feet for a Tall Case Clock

    Thanks for the brief history on these clock feet. It sort of reinforces the idea that one need not get overly worked up about things like finials, feet, glass, etc. since, after some 200 years, a clock will likely “evolve.” In any event, I’ll probably order a set of feet from M&P (the first...
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    Finding/Restoring Correct Feet for a Tall Case Clock

    Thanks... I checked out M&P online, and they do sell a set of 65mm oak feet—although not currently in stock. Do you happen to have links to any other such suppliers. Trust me, I’ve spent hours searching with little success.
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    Finding/Restoring Correct Feet for a Tall Case Clock

    Hi everybody..... I just bought another tall case. Pretty excited....having it shipped and it’s on its way. Here’s my issue (there’s always an issue, right?). The seller told me the case at some point in its life had been “shortened” which, from the pictures below, I take to mean that the feet...

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