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  1. jhe.1973

    New to me in more ways than one!

    Hi Everyone, I posted this last November in the Newest Clock Acquisition thread and received no responses. Sooo, I figured i would try it here.
  2. jhe.1973

    William Barthman Quartz Chronometer

    Hi Everyone, I just came home with this chronometer from our chapter meeting this weekend. I bought it just for the case, but as I have been looking into it, I can not find another example anywhere online. The name on the dial is William Barthman and this is for a jeweler in the financial...
  3. jhe.1973

    Music Box from Hell

    Hi Everyone, Late last year I finished repairing a music box for a fellow chapter member. I started a thread in the Horological Tools forum to show how I wound the springs back into the new barrels I had to make.
  4. jhe.1973

    FINALLY finished my steady rest!

    Hi Everyone, It's been a particularly busy/crazy year. Started making a steady rest for my instrument lathe last January with this: The machine work has been finished since early February and it has been waiting till I could get the time to do the hand work to make it look like this: It...
  5. jhe.1973

    Ever seen a 1900 pound spring winder?

    Hi Everyone, Ok, so if it isn't just a spring winder perhaps I can use it for other things too? Sooo, the story is that I am finishing the 'music box from hell' and I needed a way to SAFELY load the rather powerful springs into each of the barrels that I had to make. Back in the 70s I...
  6. jhe.1973

    Gothic arch slave clock hanger

    Hi Everyone, I don't know if this is the best forum for this project seeing as how it is not for a clock, but rather for a mounting system. I figured that the individuals most likely to find value in what my daughter and I have done are the same ones likely to be builders themselves. My...
  7. jhe.1973

    Anyone heard of a Bausch, Lomb, Saegmuller Precision Regulator?

    Hi Everyone, On the way to the National In Milwaukee & I stopped to visit a friend. He has the precision regulator shown below: It is quite small, only about 12 inches or so wide. It has a beautifully constructed pendulum and looks to be high quality throughout. Here a couple of detail...
  8. jhe.1973

    Modified ‘Spindex’ for clock gears

    Hi Everyone, This is just a quick post to show that I have not fallen off the earth! I never liked the ‘spindex’ fixtures because the index plate is so close to the spindle nose & it is often in the way of the milling/grinding spindle. I always thought that they were designed backwards. Long...
  9. jhe.1973

    General shop trick - Cutting oversize threads w/standard size tap

    Hi Everyone, I figured this might be the best place to post this I am re-working the drive for a small mill & am using a turnbuckle for the belt tension adjustment. It is heavily galvanized & I needed to cut the threads larger in a 3/8-16 nut for a locknut. If I cleaned up the shaft threads...
  10. jhe.1973

    Passing on helpful discovery.

    Hi Everyone, In case this hasn't been covered before, I wanted to share a stroke of luck that I ran into in making a tailstock clamping bolt for a Peerless watchmaker lathe. I volunteered to make the clamping bolt for a friend & at the same time was replacing the monitor for my wife's...
  11. jhe.1973

    Questions about IBM 25 Master clock

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased an IBM Master clock Model 25MC Serial # 870379MJ. It had been hooked up to a digital 24 volt DC power supply that was dead on arrival. (long story) I have it running on a 24V DC wall wart type of transformer but it doesn't put out enough current to activate...
  12. jhe.1973

    Anyone have problems w/leaking batteries?

    Hi Everyone, I picked up a Bulle wall clock at one of our marts: It's 17 inches square & I think mahogany. Serial # 150317. I have it hooked up to a neon sign transformer & I am not sure if 50,000 volts is too high or if it should be more. Just kidding!:whistle: It already has one of the...
  13. jhe.1973

    Tapping small holes w/o breaking the tap

    Hi Everyone, The last shop I worked in had more than it’s share of small, to tiny, holes to tap, often in materials that weren’t easy to machine. A few of us made guides for our taps that could easily & quickly be used right in the machine. Mine is on the bottom. I only made the one because...
  14. jhe.1973

    New (to me) sign in problem w/Firefox

    Hi Everyone, Lately w/Firefox I've been getting this message when I try to use the blue NAWCC sign in box: If I continue I get: If I click the blue NAWCC box again I get on OK but then I had trouble trying to attach the above photos, so I went to IE and got a message saying that the site...
  15. jhe.1973

    Henri Hauser S.A. Pivot polisher info needed

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up this pivot burnisher at the NAWCC National this last week and could some help if anyone knows anything about this machine: Here are the only identification tags: This is probably where the tag that had the model number was: It is mostly there and in great...
  16. jhe.1973

    Milling attachment w/8.5 mm spindle?

    Hi Everyone, I picked up this milling/grinding attachment a few months ago at an antique shop for a really great price. Don't know if I am allowed to say & I'm not looking for an appraisal, but it was cheap enough that I don't think I can go wrong. :excited: The slides are shop made items and...
  17. jhe.1973

    Shop built steady rest for 8mm lathe

    Hi Everyone, At the AZ regional this weekend I ran into an old friend that I haven't seen in a few years. He still has one of the 3 steady rests that I made over 30 years ago. One was for me and I sold it w/my lathe when I got a larger lathe. Another was for the person I learned clock repair...
  18. jhe.1973

    WD-40 long term use warning!

    Hi Everyone, I originally intended to post this in the owner built precision regulator thread that I started in the clock construction forum. However my life doesn’t seem to be settling down as much as I would like and I think this is too important to wait until I get to discuss it there...
  19. jhe.1973

    Shop built bushing machine

    Hi Everyone, I made this bushing machine over 35 years ago. I was learning clock repair from a repairman & there were so many things I didn't like about his Bergeon machine. Right away I wanted something heavier & deep enough for some of the large hall clock chiming movements that I had seen...
  20. jhe.1973

    Nano oil test results update

    Re: Nano Lube Oil... Experience? Hi Everyone, To answer Tom’s call for results from actual use, I am offering my experience to date on a test of Nano oil that I have been running for the last three weeks. On 1-28-12 I cleaned the movement of a regulator I had built and have been using for...

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