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  1. Alex KVASHIN

    Thwaites movement age

    Dear Forum, Please help dating this movement by Thwaites. My assumption No 5191, but stamp is very low quality, also stamp THWAITES has triple hit... strange. With kind regards Alex
  2. Alex KVASHIN

    Hour Lavigne

    Hello All, I could not pass this incradible clock in Atmos style. Just broght this guy home and I am very excited! Sides: 1)Clock, 2)Calendar with moon phases, month, date, day 3)Weather engine (barometer, termometer, higrometer) 4) time zones ring (rotating plate), 5) compass on top. Rotating...
  3. Alex KVASHIN

    Help to ID this movement

    Hello all! Interesting movement in my hands. Obviously it was not a watch, but interior clock, maybe travel clock? 70mm in diameter, 8mm distance between plates. It looks as quarter striking in origin, but quarter side fully lost. But maybe it was an alarm. One fusee for time, mainspring barrel...
  4. Alex KVASHIN

    Help identify and date the clock.

    Hello all, I am trying to date and verify which parts of the clock are original to each other. Dial signed "Tho-zon Fitter, London", I found only one who fits - 1760-1781. movement signed "BEST 1089". I think that this is Thomas BEST 1761-1790. I found date scribbled on back side of the dial "PW...
  5. Alex KVASHIN

    18th c English Joshua Wilson early 18th c numbered, movement +dial only

    Hello dears, Recently acquired this guy from ebay. Dated by seller around 1710-1720. All parts looks original to each other. Serial number on dial plate 363. Joshua Wilson was one of few makers in late 17th early 18th century, who numbered his clocks. BTW I would underline very nice half hour...
  6. Alex KVASHIN

    Georg Berglin, Orebro, longcase movement

    Hello people, Let me post early (~1750) sweden longcase movement. I also attached its case pictures, unfortunately they devorsed forever. Was it original one? Movement mostly of steel but nice quality. Wooden cylinders and pulleys. Decorations not so good as english used to be but rather well...
  7. Alex KVASHIN

    W&H 4-glass Library clock

    Hello people, Let me present today rather cute clock from W&H. 6 inches dial ring. All glasses looks to be original. 3/4 strike system on two spiral gongs. All dating guesses are wellcome! Thank you for any your comments.
  8. Alex KVASHIN

    Rob''t Wood musical bracket clock

    Hello people. Let me share this very high class 10-bell clock we acquired this week. Clock found in Siberian city Novokuznetsk. Was in this family for 50 years at least. Was nice adventure when I was traveling for them. And this clock foreseen as long project for me. Main features: - dial plate...
  9. Alex KVASHIN

    Timoléon MAUREL alarm clock

    Hello all. Recently I acquired this small fixed pendulum carriage clock. First it attracted me because of such a small pendulum. Later I knew that T.Maurel was inventor of mechanical computers and known as a succesive clockmaker, died in 1879. Alarm rings directly to the brass case. Sounds...
  10. Alex KVASHIN

    Schwarzwald movements maker ID

    Hello all, I have couple of wooden plate clocks marked "MD" . One 30 hours, with wooden dial. (this is big one 150mm*150mm guy) (MD here) Another one week-duration hooded clock Marking here as ell, not best but can be read. On previous two there also mark on drums "AF" (30 hours drum)...
  11. Alex KVASHIN

    Help to recognize this clock

    Hello People, I have very few photos from seller, and I need your experience to understand what it is in real. Move Thanks to all in advance for your opinion. Alex
  12. Alex KVASHIN

    inch screws sizes in English clocks

    Hello all. What is more common inch screw standart/sizes used in English (and not only) clockmaking? I want to buy some inches sized dies and taps. looking on this tab: Tap Chart UNC/UNF Threads - provides tap sizes, drill sizes, pitch, (threads per inch) basic major diameter, basic effective...
  13. Alex KVASHIN

    English C.Shepherd, 53'Leadenhall str. London bracket clock

    Dear Forum, I acquired interesting clock recently. Can you please date it. The clock is on the way to me so far but I have few pictures already. Clock is big - 48cm heigh, 36cm width, movement size - 18cm*14cm, dial - 8 inches (20cm). And seller also game the tool on last picture, what is this?

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