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    Cleaned PW hands with lemon juice and blue disappeared

    These ''used to be'' fairly descent looking blue hands but a lot of rust so figured I'd clean the rust off with lemon juice. Well, the lemon juice took off the rust but also took off the blue, completely gone. I wouldn't think the lemon would remove the blue heat method so figure might be dye...
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    Elgin cannon pinion question

    Hey guys. This came from a 16s elgin. It came off snug about like all the rest, the minute hand seemed to fit good, but curiosity made me ask. Did the slash in it maybe come from a past repair as to maybe tighten it? That's what it seems to me, if so I have learned one more trick. I have...
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    Elgin roller jewel/pallet fork fit

    Hey guys, been a while. Trying to set (D shaped) roller jewel on a 16s elgin 17j. But first I want to make sure the jewel fits the pallet fork the way it should. With the jewel sitting in the fork, how much space is supposed to be between the jewel and fork? I read Fried's chapter on it but it...
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    Whats this tool?

    Hey guys This tool was listed as a hand/roller table remover but it don't work on a pocket watch. As you can see in the 2nd picture the way the end is made it won't go under the roller or the hands and no matter how I adjust it the pin inside of it don't go down far enough to hit anything. I...
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    Amateur vs Professional Amateur

    Hidy evy bidy. Watch repair can be a classical adventure especially for the beginner. I have stumbled across a few helpful hints that I'd like to share that might aid the amateur while advancing his way to becoming a professional amateur. He never makes the same mistake three times in less...
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    Lubricate under minute wheel?

    Hey Guys. Don't want to start a skirmish but was wondering if any of you guys lubricate under the minute wheel? I can see why you wouldn't want to but how is it recommended? This picture of a 16s Waltham Riverside, it's not really that bad but I have another one that has a really deep grove...
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    Waltham, Hamilton balance staff question

    Hey all. Running through the forum last night and came across a thread where a guy was having trouble fitting a Waltham balance staff (as I am) because of different sizes, and another guy posted that Hamilton don't have that problem but I lost where I was and can't find it again. So my...
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    more waltham balance woos

    Trying fit a new balance staff in my 16s waltham today and hope to get assembled and the balance is a double roller but the balance wheel is bent. I posted a picture of three wheels. The one on the top came out of this 19j watch but as you can see the wheel is bent on the left side at the gap...
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    Mainspring opinion

    Mornin guys Took a pic of two mainsprings, both from a 16s waltham 1899 model The one on the right is blue looking it came came from a 19j and is what you guys are saying already set, and the one on the left came from a 17j and it is white looking and stretched out to 13 inches from the center...
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    Balance amlitude confusion

    Hey guys; having a little confusion about balance swing/amplitude Been searching the forum a long time but either not reading right or not understanding what I'm reading. I've seen videos and heard some say on a pocket watch the balance swing supposed to be 90 degree, others say different and...
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    Waltham third wheel cracked jewel

    Good day all. I have five 16s waltham watches, four to play with and figured maybe a few extra parts and one I plan to fix. Every jewel in all of these watches look good except for the pillar plate jewels for the third wheel and all of them are cracked from two to five times in all five...
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    My first roller jewel repair

    Hey all: Attempting my first roller jewel repair. As you can see in the pics, the roller jewel is a bit out of place. I have the combination tool and was figuring to repair without taking the table off, but after taking a good look don't think I will. Needing the practice anyway, I plan to take...
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    16s waltham riverside 19j, cant find 18th and 19th jewel

    Got a 16s Waltham riverside lever set 19j SN-17059053 but I cant find the 18th or 19th jewel, cant see any evidence of them removed and has no other cap jewels other than the balance. The only place I haven't looked yet is on the mainspring arbor which I haven't gotten out yet until I find a...
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    Question About A Case sleeve wrench

    Hey all; I have a 14 point Star case sleeve wrench, made in Switzerland, but it don't want to fit the sleeve very good. Seems like the size that would fit is a bit to small to catch the notches and the next size is a bit too big to go inside the sleeve. So could it possibly be metric maybe? I...
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    Removal of a rusted case sleeve

    Hey all. I've been around this forum and the web but couldn't find many suggestions. Got a 16s case here and trying to get the sleeve out but it's rusted up pretty good, (as was the stem but I did get it out). The top of the pendant has been damaged enough to where I can't get my tool in there...
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    Help with fitting a movement in a case

    Got hold of a elgin 12s 17j, SN 23550866, grade 452 (but the watch is stamped GM Wheeler) model 4 and open face movement, pendant wind and set, so a couple of questions. This one has the screw you have to back off to get the winding stem out, (12:00) The last one I had like that (waltham 16s)...
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    Help identifying watch case?

    (Am I in the right section?) Since I don't know where to look, and just sittin around watching it rain today, figured I'd post this case and see if anyone might identify it. I bought this case years ago listed as a big watch case, no size, dimensions or nothing. The bezel screws on and off...
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    New tool for replacing hairspring lug screw

    I know you guys will have a good laugh on this one, I did., but it worked. The other day while reassembling my 16s Waltham, the hairspring lug screw had fallen out of the balance cock. I tried on and off for two days and at least six hours to put it back in but with no luck. I was on the verge...
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    Help message question

    I'm a registered user and when I login right under my image it says I have 19 messages. Are these just reply's to my threads or messages from other users. Can't find any link for messages so figured I'd ask.
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    microscope and oil guide for watch repair

    Hey all. Seems I'm in the need for a microscope for general watch repair. I found a 20x binocular style so I can use both eyes to better see jewels, pivots, oiling and so forth? I could do it from a 10x but eyes gettin old. What type you guys use if eyesight is going downhill? From here I found...

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