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    Is this a LeCoultre ebauche?

    Post # 1 watch is a student watch from the Ecole d'horlogerie , Neuchatel. No.866.1 is his Number..
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    Tiffany Movement

    Edouard Koehn , cal. 19 Lignes , ca. 1900..
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    A Frederick Nicoud Watch

    Nice watch , Frederic Nicoud , Charles Ed. Jacot , Alfred Gerard , are all based on a Auguste Saltzman later Saltzman & Vuille movement Hans
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    Tremont serial # list (and movement photos)

    I have Tremont Watch Co. 15J , s/n 1874 in a Fahys oresilver case s/n 744 Boston rgds Hans
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    Auguste Saltzmann movement production dates

    Hi Clint , Check out regards Hans
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    Identify? Civil or Military Nardin with IWC Movement

    Happy New Year to all My database is information I found over the last 6 years. IWC order CoE 5000-6700 , from 5300- 6674 case s/n 743100-744776 , case outside diameter ca. 53 mm IWC order in the CoE 10351-12350 range , I have very little info , all are in case s/n 738xxx range , case...
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    Identify? Civil or Military Nardin with IWC Movement

    Hi Bakudir , You have a Corps of Engineer watch with the markings polished off in my database CoE No 10909 has case No 738327 kind regards Hans
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    Swiss Mystery Movement

    Hi Ed , found one in my drawers... same as yours... 18 size , 20J , LS , HC , s/n 420960 on movement David Mayer , Hartford on movement and dial only difference is, fast slow pointer comes over to main spring bridge silver swing out case , AW Co , PAT.APR 17.79 , s/n B379...
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    I'm Back!

    Dear Steve Settle, I saw the Howard that you restored with the AI Polan case. My father worked for Mr. Polan in the 1930's. Do you know the owner of the watch and if he might wish to sell it? K Kittle
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    Can you help ID this watch

    German Made JUNGHANS.. Hans
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    Great Grandmother's Pocket Watch

    It is a LONGINES.... We have the same dial on a J.P.Stevens Hans

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