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  1. T.Cu

    A Swiss Clock I can't get rated properly

    Hello All, I have a small oak case with a Fontaine Melon Swiss movement inside. The clock ticks along well, but the rate is either WAY too fast or WAY too slow no matter in how small increments I move the speed adjustment lever. It will be twenty minutes fast let's say, over 24 hours, and I...
  2. T.Cu

    Ansonia Strike Adjustment?

    Hello, There is a characteristic of this clock I don't like and would like to correct. It runs correctly and strikes correctly except that it strikes 1.25 minutes after the hour. That is, it keeps the right time, but won't strike until after the right time. It also has a half hour strike that...
  3. T.Cu

    Can anyone identify this Waterbury cottage clock movement?

    Hello, Can anyone give me an idea of years this clock or movement was produced, or a way of identifying for this Waterbury movement? It is a cute little thing and works great. I have no dial for it. I saw that article about lithographs in the NAWCC bulletin, which shows this steam train image...
  4. T.Cu

    Can anyone ID this movement finisher?

    Hello Everyone, I have a black stone mantel clock with a Japy Freres movement inside it. The "finisher" of this movement looks like either a "J.J.S" or a "J.U.S". Has anyone heard of this company? I haven't started work on it yet so the pictures are not very good. I will try for better ones if...
  5. T.Cu

    Seth Thomas, Mitchell Vance, and R. Kaiser clock?

    The history of this clock, according to other posts here on the NAWCC, is that Mitchell Vance was a company making boilers, fancy gas fixtures, and clocks, in New York, and they subbed out the making of movements to Seth Thomas. There's a great site dedicated to Mitchell Vance Co...
  6. T.Cu

    Seth Thomas Case Style Nomenclature, and Dates

    Hi, I have two similar clocks, one black painted with a blue "hex" sort of lower tablet, the other one is clear-coated with the "Albany N.Y." lower tablet. Both have Plymouth Hollow movements and Plymouth Hollow paper labels. The black painted one has a paper label which I described in my notes...
  7. T.Cu

    Upside down Telechron M1 rotor. How bad is this?

    Hi, I bought a cool electric that works perfectly. I opened up the case to see if the thing could be oiled or dusted out and found the rotor is in upside down, the side that's up having no writing but the side that's down saying "top" on it. I am wondering if it needs to be further taken apart...
  8. T.Cu

    Ingraham Electric SSC2 vs M9505

    Hi Everyone, I have two examples of Ingraham's "Church Nave" style electric clocks, the cases of which both say the motor inside is a SSC2. But inside one, there's a motor designated M9505 that's a different motor design with an open rotor. The SSC2 seems to be more like a "Telechron" style...
  9. T.Cu

    "Polka" model E. Ingraham?

    Hi, Anyone heard of a "Polka" model of Ingraham black mantel clock? If it doesn't say "Polka", what else could it be? Kind of cool looking in a peculiar way. I saw one like this that was called "Princess" but can't remember the maker. Thanks!
  10. T.Cu

    Can anyone tell me about this watch?

    Hello Everyone, A friend of mine says she bought this watch a while ago, and sent me these pictures of it. She says it used to work but she's not sure it does now. I was wondering if anyone could tell her anything about it. It seems to be an Elgin 17 jewel watch, has a single monogram. Looks...
  11. T.Cu

    Possible to identify unsigned brass weight driven movement?

    Hi, I bought this movement a few years ago. Is it possible that someone could give me a name of the type, or style it is? Or maybe even who made it? Or anything about it? (I put some spare hands on it, they didn't come with it.) I think it's for an ogee type clock. The ebay seller sold it with...
  12. T.Cu

    What's this lever for?

    Hi Everyone, My newest acquisition is a New Haven Craftsman style clock, the model name for which is the "Los Barrios". Sometime after 1904, according to the patent date on it. I took the dial off and am wondering what one of the levers is/was for. Its the one on the front of the plate above...
  13. T.Cu

    Typical run time for Vincenti portico?

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering about the run time for my new Vincenti clock. After cleaning it up, it ran for twelve days the first winding, then an (amazing to me) nineteen days the second winding. I am guessing that after being utrasounded and then oiled, the clock first ran well, and then ran...
  14. T.Cu

    Can anyone identify the model of this Ansonia?

    Hello Everyone, I bought a nice looking onyx (I think) Ansonia with a "French" type movement and open escapement. I was hoping someone could identify the model name, if there is one. Alas, these pictures show how it arrived. But! I was able to reconstruct it, see next entry.
  15. T.Cu

    Can anyone identify the makers that used these shapes of key?

    Hi, I have somehow garnered these keys and am wondering what kinds of clocks they were originally from. I see lots of these shapes online, they must have been from a fairly common maker? Thanks as always!
  16. T.Cu

    Years for the Gilbert "Royal" model?

    Hello Everyone, I have just taken out my Gilbert "Royal" for a spin, and was wondering if anyone knows in which years this model was made. My Royal has the very partial remains of a yellow label with black print, but I can't tell from the Savage and Polite's website on clock labels whether it...
  17. T.Cu

    Huge clock made from factory and farming parts..

    Hi, Here in today's local newspaper is a pretty cool clock someone made from old factory and farm implements.
  18. T.Cu

    What's the metal plate for?

    Hi, I often have seen these thin metal plates in the backs of wood works clock cases, what are they there for? This photo of one is from a Snowden Taylor article in our index. Thanks!
  19. T.Cu

    Anyone know the model name of this Ansonia?

    Hi, It's my new baby. It is cast iron, has an odd looking (to me) round almost "french style" (in some ways) movement. Like it has movement straps, but not attached to a french rear door, like that. Cute little pendulum. The dial is a celluloid material. Decorations look to be spelter, and the...
  20. T.Cu

    Clarke Gilbert or Clark Gilbert? I see both..

    Hi, I see both spellings represented here and there. There's even at least one clock for sale with a "Clark" with no e, right on the seemingly original paper label on the web. For example, here: I have a seemingly original paper label and dial with "Clarke" with an e. Most...

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