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    French or German?

    Hi all I attach some photos of my latest acquisition. The plaque dates the clock to October 1874 (in Welsh). No maker's name, just the serial number and number 6 on the movement. Pendulum has a different serial number. Can someone guestimate where it was made and the maker? Thanks
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    German Clock identification

    Hi Can anyone provide some information on my latest acquisition shown in photos. I assume it is German as it has "Made in Baden" stamped on the movement. Unusually for a 2 train clock it has a silence lever at 3 o'clock. It also has the letter J stamped on the spiral holder, possibly Junghans...
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    New Haven clock help

    Hi all I attach photos of my latest acquisition, the faceless New Haven clock. It is in poor state but appears to keep accurate time and runs well. I have a few questions 1 Approximate date of the clock please 2 It only strikes the hour. Should it also strike on the half hour 3 What is the...
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    Make and date of clock please

    Hi all Can anyone guesstimate the make and date of my latest acquisition in the attached photos? There are no marks on the movement and the case, except the 15cm pendulum length. numbers 18 10 29 is scribbled on the base which I am guessing could be a date. Possibly German? Thanks
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    Dating Japy Clock

    Hi All I have acquired a J F clock shown in the photos. The logo has 'Med d' Honneur' stamped on it. Reading through the forums I understand that J F was awarded this medal at the expo universelle Paris in 1867. However, the logo could have been in use until 1900. Beneath the logo very faintly...
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    Make and date clock please

    Hi Can anyone guess at the make and date of my latest acquisition please? I have seen a similar dial on a Kienzle and I am guessing pre 1926? It needs some tlc, but seems to be running well.
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    Identify French clock

    Hi all Can anyone identify the clock maker from the attached photos please.
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    Dating HAC clock

    Hi all I have acquired a HAC mantle clock recently Can our experts guesstimate the age of this clock? I have attached some photos. There are no numbers on the movement except the crossed arrows. The number on the inside of the back door is 3056. Thanks
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    Badische Uhrenfabrik clock date?

    Hi all Can anyone guesstimate the date of a clock I acquired recently. I attach some photos, unfortunately the clock is in bits and in poor condition.
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    Clock running fast, low pendulum amplitude

    Hi I have a 100 year old HAC clock which is running fast with a low pendulum amplitude. The bob is set at its lowest setting and I have also added weight to the bottom of the pendulum and it has not solved the problem. I attach some photos. I was wondering if the clock has the correct...
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    Date HAC Clock please

    Hi all I have acquired a German HAC clock with the crossed arrows on the movement and the case, see attached photos. I am guessing that it is pre 1926 as it does not have 'Foreign' written on the dial and the movement. Can anyone provide a more accurate date for it? Thanks
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    Identify square clock please

    Hi all can anyone please identify and date the movement of this clock The movement is German, probably post 1926 as it has foreign on the face. Possibly in a British case?
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    Adjusting the beat

    Hi all daft question, but how do you adjust the beat by moving the crutch when it is restricted by 2 pins on either side as in photo
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    Identify Clock origin

    Hi all I acquired a battered clock recently which will make a nice restoration project., see photos. There are no markings on the case or the movement. I am guessing that it is of German origin, probably pre 1926. It has an unusually wide pendulum hanger and the the way the movement is attached...
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    slowing down the escapement

    Hi all I have acquired a cheap windup clock as shown in the photos. The problem is that it is running far too fast, about 15 minutes every hour. The adjustments don't make a big difference. Is there a solution? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Clock running slow help

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone could help please. The mantle clock I have acquired is running about 5 minutes a day too slow. Otherwise it ticks away nicely. The pendulum is wound to its highest position. I attach some relevant photos. I know it will need a good clean, but Will adding weight to the...
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    Howard Miller chiming problem

    Hi All I have recently acquired a Howard Miller Medford quartz movement clock, see photos. One problem is that it chimes 2 minutes past where it should. I have replaced the batteries with new ones. I have also taken the face out of the case and moved the minute hand, but it has not resolved the...
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    Haller movement striking problem

    Hi all I wonder if someone can help me with a striking problem on a Haller movement. The clock keeps time well and strikes as it should the hours and the half hour. Except that at 1 o'clock it strikes 13 times. I have removed the rack hook and snail and cleaned them and turned the snail one...
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    Identify and date possible German clock

    Hi I wonder if anyone can identify and date the clock in the attached photos. There is no manufacturer markings on the movement, just a number and a star on the spring casing. It looks German, possibly early 20's?? Thanks
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    Help identify clock and movement age

    Hi all Can someone please help to identify and date this poor wall clock and movement. There are no marks or symbols on the case or the movement, but it is just managing to work although dripping with oil.

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