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    Atmos Clock Cases

    I have a problem deciding on the nature of the base metal and finish on two of my Atmos clocks; the clocks in question are an Atmos II number 22787 (1949) and a Cal 528/6 number 438239 (1975). The framework of both is practically the same except of course the former case is side studded and...
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    Atmos pendulum locking.

    A quote from a reliable source on Atmos clocks says "All locking levers must be pushed from left to right in order to lock the pendulum". I have recently acquired an Atmos 528-8 (340xxx) which locks from right to left i.e. running position is with lock lever fixed in right side "slot"; the...
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    Atmos Case Markings

    Two of my earlier Atmos clocks (II - movement number 21887; 519 - number 26400) have the "logo" INCA 5090 impressed into the inside of the rear left angle of the bottom case frame. I have been unable to discover what this mark means - possibly a case type or material or even third party...
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    Atmos Suspension problem

    I have an Atmos 526-5 which was received with a transit-damaged suspension. I have replaced the wire and on remounting the balance found that the upper Regulating Clamp (part 3510) was beyond repair (bent, cracked, flattened). I have been unable to source a replacement (not available or not...
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    Hauck Chronometer Pendulum

    I've managed to restore a Hauck which came with no suspension (just the saddle of the "Phillip Haas Suspension" gimbal-type), no Graham anchor, and a loose backplate eccentric nut. What attracted me to it in the first place was its "chronometer"-style "temperature-compensating" pendulum (No 6...
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    Anton Harder Disc Pendulum

    I am working on The Harder DRP 2437 number 504R (GW&Cie) pictured below. As you will see from the pendulum close-up the weight adjustment rod has its threads taken right to the ends, which are perfectly finished, i.e. do not terminate in broken-off square ends which we have all seen before...
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    Tiffany Neverwind 1100

    I am trying to resurrect one of these and all the parts seem present and correct. All the mechanical information I need I have in Vol IV No 4 of Torsion Times, but the wiring is either damaged or incorrectly rigged. Can anybody help me with an electrical circuit diagram or description - the...
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    Heavy Clock Hands

    There has been quite a bit of discussion about some 400-dayers having hands (minute in particular) which are a bit weighty for the driving force and stop somewhere around 20 minutes to the hour. John Hubby said last year: " The 400-Day clock that is most susceptible to this phenomenum is the...
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    GB Support Column Finials

    Shown in the photos below is GB No 2005778 with silvered rectangular dial and matching numbered pendulum: The baseplate is fixed to the support columns with large screws instead of having "standard" GB finials mounted on the...
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    Badische Puzzler

    I have what must be a Badische which I would like to identify and date before I start restoration; backplate photos are here: The best match seems to be Plate 1443 because of the Type 1 suspension bracket, semi-elliptical bottom of the...
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    Kienzle Identification/Dating

    A Kienzle I have seems to be plate 1435 numbered 116593 with matching-numbered disc pendulum and E-type suspension - see photos at: I don't know how good Terwilliger's dating of Kienzles is, and I will be most grateful if John or one of you...
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    Post Your Ph. Hauck 400 Day Clocks Here

    Ph. Haas/Hauck Dating I have four Haas/Hauck clocks, all Plate 1607 and all with Type 19 narrow-gallery pendulums. The numbers are: 22579 - with Appdx.118 E-shaped suspension. 25249 - with Appdx.118 Haas gimbal suspension. 25608 - with Appdx.118 Haas gimbal suspension. 37386 - with Appdx.89...
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    K&O Identification

    I will greatly appreciate some help in identifying and dating this clock: It is clearly a K&O with a type 28 suspension bracket, and...
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    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    I will greatly appreciate some help in identifying and dating this clock: It is clearly a K&O with a type 28 suspension bracket, and...
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    Haas Narrow-Gallery Pendulum

    The "Book" says that this pendulum (No 19) is Haas/1905 and associated with Plate 1419 clocks; by default one would assume it was also associated with Plate 1607 clocks. John Hubby has reliably informed us that both clock types were probably made by Hauck, and I wonder whether John or anyone...
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    JUF 3-ball pendulum.

    I have just obtained a rusty, dirty, but undamaged, JUF plate 1439 number 130367 which "The Book" says should have a disc or 4-ball pendulum. However, mine has a genuine 3-ball pendulum identical to the no. 39 JUF in the book but with only three legs and balls 120 degrees apart. Pictures below...
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    HAAS-type suspension.

    Like an earler correspondent, I have a HAAS/HAUCK plate 1607 from which someone has chucked the suspension away. It had the HAAS complicated suspension shown in article 118, page 234 of "the Book", and the suspension support bracket and horizontal u-shaped mount are still on the clock. I need...
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    Lantern Pinions

    Could the experts please answer some questions about lantern pinions in 400-day clocks because they seemed to have a much shorter life in 400-dayers than in other clocks: 1. When were they first and last used in 400-dayers? 2. When were they first and last used in other clocks? 3. Why were they...
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    Gustav Becker Decorative Brass Embellishers.

    "The Book" says that the below dial embellishers (10th Ed p230 item 87) "may be fitted" to GB Standard models. I have two GBs without them - Nos.1914471 and 2450563 - though both front plates are drilled for the attachment screws. Could anyone please tell me: 1. whether they should have the...
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    Identification Terwilliger plate 1595 with octagonal dial

    This is an addition to my posting of Nov 29 2005 to place photographs (other pictures URL below) as suggested by Robert and John to whom - many thanks.

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