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  1. WRabbit

    German GB Wall regulator

    I believe this dates around 1912. Does it have gong rods? When are you going to post pictures? Jim
  2. WRabbit

    Gustav Becker seconds hand...

    I've purchased several of these (originals) on eBay the past few years. I assume one could easily be machined (insert usual caveats here). Jim
  3. WRabbit

    German GB Wall regulator

    I believe the serial number you posted is incorrect (extra character). Becker's high-end Braunau factory produced less than one million units between 1888-1925. In addition, all standard production sonnerie wall clocks were made in Braunau. I look forward to seeing pictures of your case and...
  4. WRabbit

    The Chronology of Ownership

    I believe the clock was purchased prior to 1812, as Elisha Garfield was fighting in the Second War of American Independence in 1812. I believe the movement is 30 hour and plan on jumping into that in the Wood Movement Forum. I look forward to your participation. I think we shop at similar...
  5. WRabbit

    Help identifying Craigslist find

    I think Pat hit the nail on the head. Hamilton was my first thought, as well. Jim
  6. WRabbit

    The Chronology of Ownership

    I'm a sucker for this sort of thing and spent several hours examining (and buying) items at the estate sale (oil paintings, handmade rugs, china, crystal, bronze statues, music boxes, etc.). Most included hand-written notes indicating they were owned by various members of the Garfield family...
  7. WRabbit

    The Chronology of Ownership

    Everything checks out...... Capt Elisha Garfield Birth 25 Apr 1769 Spencer, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA Death 6 Jan 1856 (aged 86) Langdon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, USA I haven't been able to determine maker, but there is mention of J Edward and Willard with other items...
  8. WRabbit

    Harold Bain . . . RIP

    Sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed. Jim
  9. WRabbit

    A. Willard

    Pictures of the movement may help determine who made the clock.
  10. WRabbit

    Post Your Gazo Clocks Here

    I was incorrect in assuming this is a Urgos or Kieninger movement. According to Clockguy's Gazo repair tech, my clock has a Jauch movement. Jim
  11. WRabbit

    Post Your Gazo Clocks Here

    This is a video of the clock playing the Columbian Anthem Chime.
  12. WRabbit

    Post Your Gazo Clocks Here

    The Gazo Family Clock Factory of southern California existed from 1972 until 1989. During this period total production was approximately 10,000 units (53 different models), which makes them somewhat rare. Other than the excellent reference material provided on, there isn't much...
  13. WRabbit

    Post Your Gebrüder Resch clocks here.

    This is my first mid-size Resch. Case interior is 26" tall and 8.5" wide. Pendulum is 22" and dial is 5.75". It was purchased at the Lone Star Regional. Jim
  14. WRabbit

    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    This is the latest addition to my herd. It's my youngest Lenzkirch and first with a "3-1/2" Werk IDEAL" marked movement. Jim
  15. WRabbit

    French Clock Identification **Please Help**

    Owlman, We're not allowed to discuss value in this area of the MB, but there is What do you think it's worth? at the bottom of main page Forum listing for valuation questions. With that said, if you decide to sell the clock, I'll gladly give you what you paid if you'll deliver to Dallas...
  16. WRabbit

    French Clock Identification **Please Help**

    Nice clock. The porcelain does appear to be in the style of Sevres. The inserts remind me of Haviland blanks finished and signed by small-shop artists. My guess on age is 1880-1895. Why is the hour pipe still in the dial plate? It appears the movement was incorrectly removed from the case...
  17. WRabbit

    I've seen two in one year

    Nice! I’ve seen one in 35 years and it was trashed. Jim
  18. WRabbit

    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Hi, Pat! A reverse painted dial is a possibility. Hauser was influenced by French and Swiss clockmakers in the early years of his clockmaking journey. I'll examine the dial again in attempt to determine composition. Thanks for the reply. Jim The Three Bears of the Black Forest (Lenzkirch...
  19. WRabbit

    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    I’m looking for a Lenzkirch 52 T/S movement for parts or repair. Jim
  20. WRabbit

    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    I purchased the following Lenzkirch from the Lone Star Regional. It's the first Lenzkirch Gallery clock I've encountered. The case diameter is 16" and the 10" dial appears to be porcelain under glass. Jim

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