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  1. Christopher Lloyd Owen

    Clock Help Carriage Clock Alarm Bell wanted

    I've got a clock in to service for a customer, and it is sadly missing its alarm bell. It's not the end of the world for them, but if I could get one for them, they'd be pleased, and so would I. I can't find anything new out there which is quite small enough, and I haven't got one either...
  2. Christopher Lloyd Owen

    Clock plate crazy markings

    I've got a (probably first half)19th century English bracket clock on the bench at the moment, and the plates have this marking on all four sides. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it before. The markings are not deep at all, and have been added after the pillars were riveted...
  3. Christopher Lloyd Owen

    Carriage Clock maker's mark - any ideas please?

    I have just bought this carriage clock for stock, and it has what I presume is a maker's mark in the base. It is not one I have seen before nor can easily identify from the usual sources. It could of course be the case maker's mark .... I have not yet taken the clock to pieces, so all I can...

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