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    Seeking opinions on this Cartier signed watch from those very familiar with vintage Cartier models.

    I have owned many Cartier watches over the years and once in a while came upon one I had not seen before. I have recently purchased the watch pictured here and even though my gut says it is not a Cartier, I have doubts... The dimensions are almost identical to an 18K gold Cartier Ellipse I own...
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    Japy Freres Carriage Clock

    I cannot believe it has been 6 years since I purchased this clock. As you see it was manufactured by Japy Freres. Any idea how many clocks they were producing a year and for how long? How do they stack up compared to other manufacturers? So I wound up this clock and it has been running now for...
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    I was fortunate to buy this little beauty, Your opinions on EW&C Co. and this movement will be highly appreciated.

    So I read that this type of a clock is often described as Mignonette Desk Clock. This one from Cartier but the case and movement are both signed as European Watch & Clock Co. What was the input of Cartier? Was it the design only or was the enameling done in France as well? From the size of the...
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    Mystery European Repeater Movement

    I recently acquired this movement together with a group of pocket watches. Can any of you gentlemen venture an opinion on what make it could be and is it worth to try restore and find a case for it, or is it good only for parts?
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    1880s Patek Philippe Made For Tiffany & Co. 18K Gold Hunting Case

    Very interesting Patek Philippe made for Tiffany & Co. From the inscription inside one can see that the watch was presented as a Christmas gift in 1891. The monogram is very interesting as it is done in relief and applied to the front cover. The back has 2 covers. The inside one is also hinged...
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    Patek Philippe circa 1890

    Very interesting Patek Philippe made for Tiffany & Co. From the inscription inside one can see that the watch was presented as a Christmas gift in 1891. The monogram is very interesting as it is done in relief and applied to the front cover. The back has 2 covers. The inside one is also hinged...
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    Gentlemen, I have not been here in a long while

    I am having problem attaching all my pics.
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    My question is mostly to the watchmakers here but you may know the answer as well

    One of my watches has been sitting in a safe for quite a while and finally decided to wear it. When setting the time I noticed that the minute hand will move slightly when pressing the crown back into winding position. What is the cause of this? Is something loose? I remember noticing this with...
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    So Did Movado Make Chronometers?

    I think so :)
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    Gentlemen, need your help on this Chronometre Movado 28 Jewels cal. 436 18K Pink Gold

    Gentlemen: I just bought a very interesting Movado from 1950s, photos attached. Since it has Arabic writing on the dial and what appears to be a Royal crest, I looked up the crests of Arab countries. This one is very similar to the ones I found from Jordan but the Arabic writing say Kuwait? To...
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    Gentlemen, I need your advise regarding this repeater.

    As you see there are 2 broken levers/springs in this movement. Do you think an extension could be laser welded or is there someone you know who could make the 2 broken parts. I would attempt to make these myself if I got ambitious :) I guess I could use a drill bit for the tool steel needed...
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    Gentlemen, have not visited for a while since I did not have any new European pocket

    watches to post about. A couple of days ago I picked up an 18K gold fusee quarter repeater. This one is on the small side, about 40 mm. It has one ring for hours and a different one for quarters. May have my watchmaker take a look at it since it does not work but not sure I want it fixed. Will...
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    Jean Lassale Thalassa Quartz Chronograph in 18K Gold.

    Here is a watch for your viewing pleasure. When made in the 1980s it was quite big for a gold watch. Measuring 38.2mm across and weighing as seen here at 159.3 grams. You may frown on quartz watches but how may mechanical chronographs are there that measure to tenths of seconds? The bracelet is...
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    Historical British 18K Gold Watch from 1860

    Gentlemen: Have not visited here for a while since I did not have much new worthwhile to post. I have just acquired this 18K gold pocket watch. The inscription shows that it was awarded by the British government to a Danish captain. What can you tell me about this movement please? Have you seen...
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    VERY RARE Watch, not wrist and not pocket. Golay Fils & Stahl.

    I am elated to have purchased this BEAUTY. Case is totally hand constructed in 18K gold. I guess dating back to 1880s or 1870s. It is by Golay Fils & Stahl.
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    Heuer For Aberchrombie & Fitch Dash Timer

    Picked this one up in the wild... Not quite a clock
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    Gentlemen: New aquisition and a question to you

    Have you ever run across one looking like this? I loved the simplicity of the design so I bought it.
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    Gentlemen, I hope I did not bite more than I can chew...

    I bought a complicated European pocket watch today in need of repairs. It has an 18K gold hunter case with a couple of big dents on the side. The movement seems to be largely intact. 2 oval push buttons tell me it is a repeater and possibly a chronograph. 2 apertures in the dial, so it should...
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    Another American Pocket watch I could not refuse buying.Princess by Gamse

    The case is size 8 or 10 size and as you see is very nicely made. The movement and dial signed N. Gamse The Princess. I read that N. Gamse was a Manhattan jeweler and had various makers make watches for his private label. I have not found however any mention of The Princess 16 jewels model...
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    Gentlemen, your opinion o this Patek Philippe requested.

    I picked up this watch some months ago. I noticed that it is missing the back outer cover. I doubt I can find a replacement for it. may be able to have the back made for it. Since it will not be original, am I just spending the money unnecessarily? What do you think about the movement? Why is...

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