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  1. Joseph Bautsch

    Resurrected From The Dead

    Attached are two photos of a kitchen clock I just finished restoring. It was a E. Ingraham "Ocean" series, "Atlantic". But it came with a New Haven works, in pieces, in a plastic bag. I found it on line for $5 and $7.50 shipping. That's it in the plastic box and how I received it. The seller...
  2. Joseph Bautsch

    Black Forest Oil Painting Clock

    Attached are photios of a Black Forest thirty hour wood frame oil painting clock I recently acquired. The painting is on a sheet of tin zink and is 9 5/8" wide and 11 3/4" tall. It has a 4 3/4" bronze bell for the alarm and uses a wire gong to strike the hour. The photos show the frame mostly...
  3. Joseph Bautsch

    Hot Hyde Glue Pot

    I'm always looking for ways to make using hot hyde glue easier. Up to recently I've been using an electric kettle with a temp control to heat the glue, not a convenient set up. I found this in a thrift store that makes things a little easier. The photo shows a Crock Pot Little Dipper, a 16oz...
  4. Joseph Bautsch

    A Wedding Gift to Remember

    My youngest son is getting married at the end of this week. My wife and I wanted to give him and his bride a gift that would be unique, personal and create a family heirloom. I found a eight day German Black Forest wood shield clock on line. It needed some work. I started this project about a...
  5. Joseph Bautsch

    Ansonia Onyx Case Repair & Cleaning

    I have a very nice Green Ansonia Onyx case clock with exposed escape wheel and garnet pallets. The problem is that parts of the Onyx stone have come off the underlying case. I need to know what I can use to reattach the parts. It looks like the original was some type of green (to match the color...

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