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  1. Joseph Bautsch

    Anybody know about this clock or clock style

    Yes, the hands are also typical of the Black Forest wood shield dial, wagg on the wall from the 1880's. Without seeing the inside works, I would agree with Uhralt, that the works are probably wood plate and post with steel arbors and brass wheels.
  2. Joseph Bautsch

    Sessions Banjo

    The weight of the bob, as Uhralt says, is not critical. But I would not use one that is 4.6 oz. A 2 to 2.5oz. bob should be adequate. A printed picture, as the one in yours, is very common.
  3. Joseph Bautsch

    Anybody know about this clock or clock style

    It looks to be Black Forest hand carved wood. Without any photos of the inside back and works any additional ID would be difficult. Someone here may be more familiar with this style.
  4. Joseph Bautsch

    Missed this by 10 dollars.

    Miss it by .0001" or by a mile, same result you lost it. Determine the max you are willing to pay for the item, wait until the last couple of seconds and bid it. Some you win and some you lose. Dick is right on. Always look carefuly at what is there. These sellers have a habit of not showing, or...
  5. Joseph Bautsch

    A Dubious Realization

    Do you think wearing a mask would help?:D
  6. Joseph Bautsch

    Thank you NAWCC member Richard.

    Welcome to the MB. Sounds like you have been bitten by the antique clock bug. Warning, there is no cure. Any doubts or questions you may have ask it here. Around here the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask. Richard must be one of the good guys. Around here there're all good guys.
  7. Joseph Bautsch

    Bushing option woes...

    Why don't you buy a junk movement off ebay for a couple of bucks and practice bushing it by what ever method you chose or even try a couple of different ones. I think you will find that its not as hard as you are making it out to be.
  8. Joseph Bautsch

    Manual Pivot Polisher

    That Keystone pivot polishing tool looks like it would work fine if you only had to give the pivot a good polish. If there is any scaring or other damage that needs repairing then I don't know if it will be of that much usefulness. It doesn't seem have a good way to get a consistent turning of...
  9. Joseph Bautsch

    which way does it swing?

    John, sorry if I offended you in any way. Sometimes a post can be taken in different ways and the one I took on yours was my fault. Should have known better. Hope to see more posts from you in the future.
  10. Joseph Bautsch

    which way does it swing?

    Do I detect a bit of frustration here?:( Of all the message boards I posted to this is the only one where "most" of the people posting are serious about clocks and still have a sense of humor.:D And for the most part don't take offense at what is said. Learn to laugh at your self not at someone...
  11. Joseph Bautsch

    English Hello

    Lots of photos please and yes welcome to the message board.:)
  12. Joseph Bautsch

    which way does it swing?

    I'm a amberdexrious, I push it either way. Never a pull and release.
  13. Joseph Bautsch

    which way does it swing?

    Never thought about it but I would think left handed people would push it to the right and right handed people would push it to the left.
  14. Joseph Bautsch

    which way does it swing?

    I don't think either Steven Hawking or Einsten wrote a technical analysis on the subject question. Therefore the only thing I worry about is that it continues to swing for its specified time span and keeps relative good time.
  15. Joseph Bautsch

    Two questions: one about striking cam, one about Brocot suspension adjuster

    Wobble and twist are most often the result of the crutch being out of alignment with the hanger. Make sure the the crutch arms are paraell, (90 degrees), both vertical and horizontal to the hangers direction of swing. Also make sure the pendulum bob swings flat, paraell, to the direction of...
  16. Joseph Bautsch

    Found a new and unique Ansonia?

    It's also not unusual for a particular clock style to be produced over a longer period than twelve years. The manufacturer over time may change trim as in your case the lions head. While the manufactures had to be innovative with clock styles to remain competitive they also did not try to fix...
  17. Joseph Bautsch

    American Need help on a simple issue

    Replacing the pendulum hanging rod is a common repair and should not have much affect on the originality of the clock. Since you are having to replace part of the rod that would have the same effect on originality as replacing the whole rod. In fact a rod repair would be much more obvious and...
  18. Joseph Bautsch

    American Need help on a simple issue

    Yea, buy another one. You can get them in a number of different spring strengths and length.
  19. Joseph Bautsch

    American 8-day Jerome OG with 3 glass front

    A rub down with alcohol will take a light surface off the shellac. What comes off is all the dirt and grime the shellac has gathered in its many years of life. You would not want to soak it in alcohol just a rub down with a cotton rag that is damp with it.
  20. Joseph Bautsch

    American 8-day Jerome OG with 3 glass front

    It looks like a wonderful clock to me. The frosted glass looks great. What are your plans for it? A good cleaning of the works, add the correct hands and a bob and your good to go as is. I would do something to preserve what remains of the label A good rub down with alcohol and a coat of wax...

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