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  1. Eckytock

    A Question Of Balance?

    Out of curiosity can anybody explain what is the most likely reason why amounts of solder would be crudely placed on two opposite sides of a floating balance wheel? The regulator lever is over to max, although clock is running a tiny bit slow. It is on a 1950's "Smiths" mantle clock. Thanks.
  2. Eckytock

    Hangs Up At Five To The Hour

    I disassembled this Smiths grandmother clock movement a few weeks ago. I cleaned the movement, put it back together and all was OK for the first week. On the second week a day after rewinding it decided to stop. The movement got hung-up at 5 minutes to the hour. If you move the minute hand back...
  3. Eckytock

    Cuckoo Chains Not Vertical

    I am repairing this musical cuckoo clock. After wrestling the movement from the box I cleaned the movement and replaced 4 bushings. This is the first cuckoo I have attempted to repair. What I am unsure about is the way the chains are not inline with the exit holes in the base board. As you may...
  4. Eckytock

    Should This Have A Front Door?

    I have this alabaster clock with Japy movement which I bought from local auction. It also has a Greek urn style ornament which goes on top. Should this style of clock have a glass front door? There are no marks on the front bezel which would indicate that a hinge was once attached. If somebody...
  5. Eckytock

    2nd Wheel Dilemma

    Could I have some advice please on how to reattach this 2nd wheel back to its arbour. It may have been previously reglued judging by the blue/grey substance you can see at the end of the arbour. Its off the going train. The wheel is from a Mauthe floor clock. I thought the pinion leaves were cut...
  6. Eckytock

    Spring Wire?

    Could somebody please let me know what the spring wire is called in the following photo. This wire is usually attached to star wheel lever and hammer rod arbors etc. that return the rods to return to their rest position. The nearest thing I can find in the M&P catalogue in the UK is pivot wire...
  7. Eckytock

    Grandmother ID Please

    Does anybody have an idea of a makers name for this movement please? It has no makers stamp on the movement except for the numbers "77787" and "16" stamped on the outside back plate. The contraption on top of the movement, which I have not come across before controls the "chime & silent" and the...
  8. Eckytock

    Disorientated Dial

    Recently I stripped down a F Marti movement for a clean and service. On taking apart I noticed the crutch (viewing from the back) was bent to the right. Must have been like this for some time as the suspension spring also had a slight bend in that direction. My knowledge so far tells me that all...
  9. Eckytock

    My Fritz Marti Corn Raker

    Bought this from auction and received it a couple of days ago. Advertised in working order although it did take a little persuasion. The movement needs taking apart and cleaned which I will get around to (one at a time). You can see the oily stuff in the pivot holes. For the time being I oiled...
  10. Eckytock

    Minute Tube Friction

    My first post on here and am looking for some advice please. Hopefully you will see a photo of what I think is refered to as a minute arbor and minute "French" tube. These are from a small HAC Vienna wall clock, which I am currently restoring (tinkering with). As you know the arbor slides...
  11. Eckytock

    Ratchet Wheels

    I have a Smiths/Enfield two train movement where the ratchet on the gong side is missing a couple of teeth. I have looked in a suppliers catalogue where new wheels come in different size diameter except for the square in the middle which is advertised as "small". Is it just a case of filing away...

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