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    having trouble with this movement, wont stay running

    I have this smaller movement, from a korean mini drop octogon wall clock, ive cleaned it, and put it back together, but i cannot get it to run, there is an adjustment point for the escapment, but it runs for about 30 seconds and then the escampment wheel sort of stops or jams between the...
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    broke star wheel, possible to replace?

    I have this Ansonia (hermle) 351-031 movement that i was cleaning and upon reassembly , the gear/star wheel for the hourly chime broke its end off. where can i find a replacement, i have looked on Timesavers - is it just too obscure to find a replacement
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    Picked up a Seth Thomas schoolhouse

    I got this Seth Thomas Schoolhouse clock today, is there any way to estimate its age without taking it apart, -there isn't any easy way to look at the movement. it says "Seth Thomas" centered, and has a centered winding hole, says 'made in usa bottom center, the wood is oak, the number plate is...
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    Diplomat 1000 not chiming, Hermle 451

    Hi everybody I got a diplomat 1000 grandfather clock at a yard sale, one of the chains fell off and the pendulum needed minor repair, so it was only $40. I have it running now the movement looks very clean but it will not chime or play its song. When I move the minute hand to the quarter hours...
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    got a Cuckcoo today

    Hey, i got this Cuckoo today, i dont know how old, it has a Regula 34 in it, and i think the gong arm is broke off, also the gong itself is missing, -where can i buy the arm? but formost, the clock keeps time, but when it hits the hour or half hour, the bird comes out and stops. if i gently...
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    Picked up a Ridgeway grandfather clock

    Just picked this up today, it's a Ridgeway 308 movement G serial 12272 It's in very nice shape, and came with original paperwork can someone tell me when it was made? And it has 3 chime selections "Westm, Whitt, and Winch" What does the 3rd one stand for? Thanks
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    Chime repair

    I have a mantle clock made by ingraham and one of the chime rods is broken. It appears that the rod had a wide end and was passed through the block and pressed into place. US there an way to repair this, or get a new rod, or get a while new assembly? I haven't been able to locate anything...
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    HI, new forum member, acquired 4 clocks this week

    Hi, I am new to clocks, never really thought about them before, until i recently got an old anniversary clock at a yard sale, and in looking up and reading about these old mechanical clocks have become very interested in their design and history. ive always like mechanical things, and there's...

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