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    Art deco watch, date? maker?

    I have an unsigned pocket watch in art deco style made of white metal,?nickel with a chrome finish on the dust cover. It came to me from Denmark. The dial is cream, arabic numerals are bronze, subseconds dial markings are in blue and tiny 24 hour numerals also in blue. The watch is 48mm...
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    Help identify watch maker

    I have this little silver ladies watch 28 mm diameter, cylinder escapement, crown wind and pin set. The case has the French 0.800 silver mark of a crab. The movement I think has some family resemblance to my Le Coultre calibre 6 (picture 4). Does anyone recognise this cylinder...
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    another swiss watch

    I have an open face unsigned silver cased pocket watch. It has London import marks for 1916 and swiss bear marks and 925 silver. The case also carries mark F F s with the s in line with the top of the capital F. I think the gilt 15 jewel swiss lever movement resembles a Cortebert 489 calibre...
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    Another anonymous swiss watch?

    I have a sweet little gunmetal stem wind pin set swiss watch, which seems to me, to be above average quality. The movement screws are blued and perfect and the regulator and escape wheel cap are bright chrome finish. Watch diameter 28 mm. It is marked on the two covers with BB and a symbol...
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    Rotherham & Sons Trademark

    Rotherham and Sons, Coventry used this makers mark. I think it is found sometimes on the dials of their watches, and sometimes on the dial plate. On the dial plate mark the three pointed object looks more like a trident, and with the snake like object makes the shape of an R. Could these...
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    James Hornby, Liverpool, but which one?

    I have a rather nice open face pocket watch, 3/4 plate gilt movement with a Massey lll lever escapement, signed Patent Lever by James Hornby No 1083 Liverpool. The case is sterling silver with Chester hallmarks for 1842, maker TC, which I think is Thomas Cubbin, at Christian St, Liverpool in...
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    Miniature Carriage Clock, info requested.

    I have just bought, here in England, a very small brass carriage clock. The clock appears to be French and the key is english. The clock is 3in high 2in wide and 1 3/4in deep. It is entirely unnamed but carries the number 3011 on case and movement, and there is a distinctive arrow around the...
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    Cortebert 489?

    I have a silver pocket watch, diameter 47mm, 15 jewel club tooth lever escapement. The case has London import marks for 1916, with sponsor mark FFs, and swiss hallmarks standing bear and .935, case no 264241, with a small lozenge shaped mark above the number and a cross (X) with slightly bulbous...
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    Rotherham 8 day Mantle Clock

    Hi, I bought this clock locally in Cornwall, England. It is signed on the dial Rotherham, and seems to be one of their 1949 range of 8 day clocks. It goes well, and is heavier than I expected. To me the movement resembles an instrument panel design like their Bonniksen speedometer, and perhaps...
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    1825 Massey III lever watch. Maker?

    I have a silver cased Massey III lever open face pocket watch. The maker of the case is William Ryley of St John Street, Coventry, England. Birmingham hallmarks for 1825. Does anyone recognise the movement. Any ideas on maker of the movement or whether it also comes from Coventry. It runs...
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    I have a movement with Liverpool window jewelling, signed J.Lee Liverpool No 2077. The dial is a bit wrecked and it is missing it's roller from the escapement, othewise it looks complete, and could go. I have found a John Lee, watchmaker age 40 in the 1841 census in Crosshall Street Liverpool...
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    Magnetism and air travel

    I have a pocket watch, 17 jewel movement in a Illinois Watch Case Co plated case, recently serviced and running nicely. I took it carefully in my pocket on a flight to Spain. It went through the security scanner at the airport and had a two and a half hour flight. On arrival it was gaining 45min...
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    Paircase maker´s apprentice

    I have an 1807 silver paircase pocket watch. Movement is signed Robert Bridges, London, and the casemaker´s mark is W.L. Does anyone know anything about Robert Bridges? The casemaker is William Linsley, and I found on the net the report of a trial at The Old Bailey, London of John Lockley for...
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    19th century swiss pocket watch

    I bought this watch two years ago. It is 45 mm diameter and has a gold case, and metal dustcover. I am told the movement is size 19 possibly made by Le Coultre & Cie dated around 1860. It is a Geneva bar movement with a club tooth lever escapement. The lever is a counterpoise side lever shaped...

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