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  1. gvasale

    Bigelow Kennard, Part 2

    Here's a photo of the rear of the movement. Remember, from an earlier post, one hammer strikes to the side, and there's only Patent Applied For and the number 233 as markings, unless I missed something. Thoughts?
  2. gvasale

    Bigelow Kennard tall clock

    Today I picked up this clock which has a 4 tube chime operating on a long horizontal "drum." Hammers operate in a vertical position as one would expect. There is also a side mounted hammer at 90 degrees which I assume would be for a wire gong. It is missing. I wonder if anyone has a photo of...
  3. gvasale

    Tube chime

    I recently bought what is supposed to be, by the number of hammers, a nine tube Elliot tall clock. One tube is missing. The tubes are 1.5 OD approximately .050 thick wall. I have found a supplier for polished brass of these dimensions, but also see polished stainless steel. Has anyone ever used...
  4. gvasale

    Colonial MFG 5 tube movement

    A new project. This movement needs some help and explanation. Dial has a selector, 2 position which is unreadable. Looking at the striking drum, it appears as though it can't chime and strike the hours. One or the other. And I need information on how to keep this selector in place. A spring or...
  5. gvasale

    GE 420

    a photo can be seen here on this web page. Model 420. I need to know how to get at this. No door on bezel. Small door on rear for what's packed in there. General Electric Westminster Chime Mantel Clock | #76620341
  6. gvasale

    International Time Recorder Co KEY

    I'm looking for a key to open the glass door. Any help is appreciated.
  7. gvasale

    New motors for electrified tower clocks

    A few months back in another thread I mentioned the difficulty of repairing Bodine NSY/NCY motors if the worm gears have problems. Well, 2 new parallel shaft motors have come into my area to replace the others because no one wants to buy tooling to make the gears. Here are some photos of the...
  8. gvasale

    A few words about my grandmother's clock

    Found this in a scrapbook from 1933. My mother (late) was 15 then. Could there be any connection between then & now?
  9. gvasale

    2 rpm clock motors

    There has been a question for a while about availibility of motors and/or repairs and/or replacement for the Bodine nsy-nyc 12r 2 rpm motor & even the 10 rpm motor. I have been informed by a company who will offer such motors. They are called parallel shaft motors & mount differently than the...
  10. gvasale

    Banner ads gone too far?

    Unfortunately, we get blasted with advertizing for nearly every type of "product" or "service" we search for on the web. Today though, on this site, I open the "Fume extraction" thread and there's already a "Fume Extractor" banner ad there. WTBLEEP!!! :mad:
  11. gvasale

    balance wheel hairsprings

    Anyone or anywhere to get hairsprings fo old balance wheel lever escapements? 1- 1-1/4 ince diameter, steel not brass.
  12. gvasale

    Bulletin article on synthetic motor oil.

    The silence is deafening. I know there's been comments here about motor oils & that some like the synthetics. Are we done?
  13. gvasale

    Bulletin back issues

    Anyone know who to contact to determine if a back issue of the Bulletin may be obtained? Particular issue was only a few months back & started the series on Walter Durfee clocks.
  14. gvasale

    Howard round top serial numbers

    I've made it plain & I hope clear that I've always had an issue finding a serial number for this style cock. Today, doing my rounds in Boston, there is one of these I service. I decided to scrutinize a little more carefully & today I saw for the first time a number in a particular place which...
  15. gvasale

    pure coincidence

    Watching tv this AM, trying to get the weather. Flipped on to a "retro" channel & "I Love Lucy" is on. They are in a boarding house/ hotel..& there is a spring wound regulator style T&S clock, running no less, and the time shown is almost synched to real time (7:55) in this case DST for...
  16. gvasale

    sympathetic vibration

    Since I personally don't own a tall case clock, but have worked on one or two over some time, I'm wondering about this. I had a Walter Durfee for about 3 months on my cheap slapped together test stand. My stand is 24" wide at the top & 33" wide at the bottom. The weights did swing at the level...
  17. gvasale

    OT: This made my day...

    Went over to the ulatrsonic cleaner today to fire it up & clean a small part. Fluid is cloudy, expected after plenty of use. Swishing the part around stirs up some sediment, which turns out to be a dead mouse. I know old houses have mice & sometimes we hear them in the attic. But I didn't...
  18. gvasale

    Member contact...

    I'm looking for help contacting Owen Burt, author of the article on Walter Durfee's GF clocks in the current Bulletin. All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  19. gvasale

    walter durfee 8 tube chime movement

    I'm going to need help with one of these. Does anyone here have any experiance with them?
  20. gvasale

    Time moves on...

    Webster, Ma., an old mill town recently saw its oldest article of its industrial past demolished. Cranston Print Works, a textile printer with is roots going back int the 1820s when Samuel Slater set up a printing mill. The only remaining part of the complex, what was originally a bell tower...

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