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    Junghans kangaroo swinger clock "original"? or "repro"?

    It is not an original Junghans. The Junghans ones have the hand setting knob in the centre and the winder is directly underneath it. Lofty
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    How to reduce this hand size?

    It is a very common feature on English longcase clocks to have the hour hand fitted to the cannon pinion with a small screw. That is what the slot is for. It is therefore very important to note the markings on the motion works prior to dismantling the movement, because it is not possible to...
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    the saga continues... 1730-1740

    Not sure if these spandrels are original to the movement, but according to my reference books, this design was commonly used 1690-1710 and later in the provinces. Lofty
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    the saga continues... 1730-1740

    If you could post a close up picture of the dial, the spandrel type will probably give us a better idea of the date. If the spandrels are original to the clock, as best as I can make out, I think they may be of the period you quote. Lofty
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    Information on early Irish maker GF clock wanted

    I have just had a look at one of my Loomes reference books and there is a picture of an Irish longcase clock with identical spandrels, which he dates to 1700-1705 .The dial characteristics are also very similar. My initial thoughts on the case were that it was a bit top heavy for that period...
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    Tall Case Movement ID

    Hi Stephen. You have quite a few things to consider before purchasing a dial. The first thing I would suggest is to accurately measure the opening in the hood where the dial is to fit. It may be arched or square. The dial has to fit in this opening. Also, the winding arbors on your movement have...
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    I have finally got around to removing the dial and taking a few pictures. The movement has a two rack setup, one for the strike and one for the chime. I overhauled a mantel clock a few years ago which had a double rack system and it was made by kienzle, but there are no identifying logos on this...
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    I recently purchased this grandfather clock and would like to identify the maker if possible. I have worked on a lot of grandfather clocks, but have not seen a movement like this one before. On the middle of the back plate of the movement is stamped the number 5 . Stamped into the strike and...
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    Bergeon Bushing Tool

    I have a Bergeon bushing machine that I have used extensively which is now starting to have too much runout. I was wondering what others have done to correct this problem. I was thinking that it may be possible to fit ball bearings top and bottom. All ideas welcome. Lofty
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    30hr longcase clock

    The dial should not have winding holes and the chapter ring is for a single handed clock. Lofty
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    Help with Gustav Becker Villaimy Pallets

    RC , the first thing I would do is to manually move the crutch from side to side and observe where the escape wheel teeth lands on the pallets. It is important in these dead beat escapements that the tooth does not land on either the entrance or exit face of the pallets. If it does, it will...
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    Longcase clock strikes every 5 minutes

    I agree with Tinker. This is a standard one handed clock. The single hand rotates once every 12 hours. The chapter ring on the dial should have the minute markers on the inner circle as opposed to a normal two handed clock, which would have the minute markers on the outer circle. There should be...
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    A question of ethics?

    I am not in favour of parting out a complete collectable clock and would never do so.That said, it is the seller's perogative to do want they want, as it is their clock. However, I believe there can also be an upside to the parting out process. Let us assume there is a nice early Jerome ogee...
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    Interesting Chimer- English?

    I agree with Harold. Mauthe is the only maker that I have seen that reverses the strike and chime trains. Most of their movements however, have the strike and chime trains in the conventional positions. Lofty
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    Plated pivots ?

    There is some interesting information on leaded (free machining) steel on the net. I read on one site that the amount of lead in leaded steel was around 0.2 percent, which is not very much at all. It also appears that leaded steel is notorious for rust, which may explain why the arbors and...
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    Replacement for Hubert Herr movement

    I do the same as you H/C . If it is repairable, I overhaul it. Lofty
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    English tall case flutters

    Check that the pallets are not loose on their arbor. I have encountered this on a few occasions. Lofty
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    Long case clock wouldn't run until....

    It is almost certainly a recoil escapement. Lofty
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    What do you use?

    I use equal parts of boiled linseed oil and turps, applied with 0000 grade steel wool . Rub well and then wipe down with a lint free cotton cloth . Leave for 24 hours but make sure no dust gets on it during this period. Lofty
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    RSM Regulator

    Walesey, I don't know if you have checked it yet, but if you haven't, closely observe where the escape wheel teeth land on the pallets. On the exit pallet, the escape wheel tooth should land just above the pallet face. If it lands on the pallet face, it will turn the escapement into a recoil...

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