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    Chronometry: Marine: US Maritime Commission purchased Hamilton Model 21 Chronometers

    Being relatively new to the world of Chronometer collecting I recently acquired a US Maritime Commission labeled Hamilton Model 21. I have some questions about the handling of them when it came time for servicing, repairs, and assignment to ships. Were the Maritime Commission Chronometers...
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    American PW Waltham mil timer jetterbug movement

    Just acquired a Waltham mil time with a jetterbug movement/balance. The watch runs great, keeps time, stops and resets to zero correctly. The issue is that the movement requires a physical nudge to the balance to get started. My question is does the Waltham time supposed to run continuously like...
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    Hamilton Model 21s without the balance brake mod.

    Can you derive any specific info about the history of a Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer if it does not have the balance brake mod? Meaning maybe it was not part of the normal military service cycle for chronometers (not used on a ship or on a military facility). When purchasing one does it matter...

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