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    Atkins Round Top Weight Driven Wall Clocks

    I am restoring one of the these rather rare Atkins wall clocks. This is the longer model; it is about 39 inches long with a ten inch dial. The original pendulum is missing. I need to make the rod and find an appropriate bob. Does anyone here own one of these, or have the measurements of the...
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    SB Terry Slant Bottom Regulator

    I am wondering if anyone here has one of these that still has an original bottom board? I have asked in the past about this part and have yet to find the measurements of the various pieces that comprise the bottom.
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    Welch and Spring No. 1 Regulator

    I have an early Welch and Spring #1 Regulator with what looks like a 30 day upside down movement with a sweep second hand. I am trying to track down the weights that were with this clock, but so far I have made little progress. Apparently they were pretty heavy as they appear to have knocked the...
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    Probable William Leavenworth tall case movement

    I have what looks to me to be a William Leavenworth wooden tall case movement and dial, except for one feature. It has a vertical slot in the front plate so that the center arbor can be removed without taking the movement apart. This appears to be the same as or similar to what is seen in the...
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    New York Standard Watch Company Pendulums

    Has anyone reproduced any of the New York Standard Watch Company pendulums? There were three pendulums that I know of, the 60 beat, 80 beat and the 120 beat gallery clock. The little long drop school house model 16, may have used yet a different bob, but I have not seen this model. The first two...
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    T Bridge Banjo Movement w/ pinwheel

    I have been working on this movement today and thought some would find it interesting. It is a period T bridge movement that according to the engraving on the front plate was cleaned in 1824 by Taber (unsure of the first initial - probably an E for Elnathan) and altered in April 1858. I have not...
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    New York Standard Watch Co.

    I am looking for a good spring material to replace the little flat spring that returns the toggle lever to to it's normal position after each cycle. I have a couple clocks that need these. In one clock the toggle assembly has been "fixed" at an earlier time with a coil of brass spring wire...
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    Low Volt Power Supply for Many Clocks

    Has anyone out there put together or know of an off the shelf power supply, that could provide a current-limited 3 volt source with standby power, for several early battery powered clocks? I am thinking that limiting the current to levels that would be unlikely to damage the antique electrical...
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    Removing Paint from a Gilded Surface

    I have an old weight driven, gilt front, banjo that has had the throat frame and the door painted over with the usual awful gold paint. Has anyone had any luck with removing paint in this situation without disturbing the original gold leaf surface? I want to get down to the original surface and...

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