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    Timing machine showing strange results

    I have one of the inexpensive timing machines, and it recently seems to show very strange results for the beat error on one of my watches. I have worked out that 1 pixel of separation between the two lines equals about 0.11 seconds. One picture shows a Hamilton, with the two lines about 18...
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    Bent guard pin

    The guard pin on these old Rolex 700 pallets are off center, causing drag on one side of the balance swing and excessive clearance on the other side. Any advice on the best way to straighten and the probability of being able to do so? These are hard to come by, and usually in bad shape, being...
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    Sweep seconds pinion repair

    I am trying to salvage a sweep seconds pinion I recovered from a junk movement (Rolex 710, 10-1/2'''). The arbor is broken, and appears to be a separate piece from the gear. Does anyone have any experience with these or know how the arbor is attached? Press fit? Riveted? Threaded? I guess a...
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    autowinder woes

    I normally work only on my own watches, and I prefer manual winding vintage watches, so I have almost no experience with autowinders. A friend asked me to "just clean up" his Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cal A 296/645 from 1953. After cleaning (and a new mainspring), it runs fairly strongly...
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    Should I replace this mainspring

    This mainspring is at least 50 years old, possibly 80. It doesn't look set, but should I replace it anyway? I can get one for about $20. Even if they are not set, do they lose strength? Even at full wind, I am only getting about 270-275 amplitude max, dropping to about 265 at half wind...
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    Watch amplitude fluctuating

    The amplitude on a watch I am working on (Vacheron & Constantin 453) goes through a very regular cycle every 5 minutes. For about 3.5 minutes, it goes along at a (not very good) amplitude of about 265, but over the next minute and a half it drops about 20 degrees and then recovers. The only...
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    Rolex sub-seconds watches

    I have seen a number of 10-1/2 hunter movements with a subsidiary seconds mechanism rather than sweep. I know these were used in some Speed Kings and other 30 mm watches. Does anyone know if they were used in the 34 mm watches (e.g. Oyster Precision)? I have seen a very few images on Google...
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    American PW Pallet Jewel for Waltham 1883

    I have a cracked lower pallet jewel on my Waltham model 1883 PS Bartlett 17j 18s watch from 1901. I can't tell if it is rubbed in or friction fit (not sure when friction fit first came into use). There is no separate setting like other jewels in this movement. I am thinking of replacing this...
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    American PW How to get at hunter case springs

    After many years of working on wristwatches, I am just branching out into pocket watches. I have my first hunter case (Fahy's coin silver), and the lift and latch springs are both extremely sluggish. There is a fair amount of rust on both. There is a shell that includes the ring for the bezel...
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    Seth Thomas slows down

    I have been doing wrist watches on and off for about 20 years, but never taken on clocks. My mother in law just moved to assisted living and gave us the Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel clock that was a wedding present to her grandparents. Clock was made in 1896 and, based on family lore, has...
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    stripped threads in hole

    The stud is held to the balance cock by a plate with two screws (V&C 453). The hole in the balance cock for one of these is stripped. These are about .35 mm screws. I have slightly larger screws, but don't have a tap, and not sure where to get the right one. Also, don't want to make the...
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    Incabloc size for GP 39 jewel

    Can anyone tell me what size incabloc setting is used on a Girard Perregaux 39 jewel movement (from about 1960)? I managed to break the spring on the lower setting. Thanks for any assistance.

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