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    Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel refurbish questions

    I picked up a nice looking Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel clock that needs some work. I have some questions with parts and one assembly question. I am an inexperienced learning unit so if the questions sound elementary... thanks for the help that I always receive. Hank Buck Questions : It is...
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    Help ODO Movement with Suspension Spring replacement

    Hello all: I have a piece that feature a reproduction of a Odobez a` Morbier 1708 clock face on a box with an ODO movement. It has a broken suspension spring that I believe I can install but am unsure about how to order it and get what I need. An issue that is perplexing me is that it appears...
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    20th c Odobez a` Morbier 1708 Wall Clock

    Hi all- I saw this at an auction and had to get it so i did. I dont know much about it, so any info would be appreciated. I am sure it a reproduction and it has an ODO time and strike. It's back plate has 67 on it with 7622393511 below it. The obvious is that a suspension spring will have to be...
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    E. Ingraham Call No. 98 Schoolhouse Clock

    I picked this clock (Ingraham Call No. 98,Time Only, Octogonal) up at an Auction It was filthy and the paper dial was black with age and probably heat from its storage cell. I cleaned it and decided I would try it before pulling the movement out. It ran! The spring was wound all of the way so...
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    Ingraham Banjo Clock, "Nile"

    I was lucky to pick up this beautiful clock recently. and in doing some research I fiound that I have a different gong, striking system. I opened it up to investigate the detached pendulum rod/suspension spring issue. ( I have a parallel post with the repair section for this also.) When I...
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    Ingraham Nile Banjo Clock Pendulum rod disconnected

    I picked up this beauty, The Ingraham Nile Banjo Clock. I saw that the Pendulum Bob and Rod was disconnected from the movement. I am in my infancy of repair and have installed a suspension spring a few times, nervously. I have to look up certain parts so my vocabulary is not good. That being...
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    Specific ID of Iron Clock with Ansonia Mvmnt

    Hi all: Picked this up at an auction and would appreciate some identification help. I think its early 20th C Iron Mantle. I am guessing Ansonia because that is the movement. It looks to my untrained eye to be a 5 1/2 but there is no embosssed dessignation except Patent date and of course the...
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    American Jules-Rolez Clock

    I have a chance to acqure an antique mantle clock. Its a Jules - Rolez Limited: Paris. it is dated 1820- 1850. It is very heavy. it lmay be marble base with wooden columed top. I have to take another look but was wondring if anybody can comment or point me in the right direction on it. I need a...
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    Pendulum Bob Identification

    Hi all: I have another Pendulum I am trying to match to its clock. It is a cast iron bob clad with brass and the rear of the bob shows a date(?) of 1839 in the casting. The diameter of the bob is 3 1/2" and a 5" stick adjustable to 4". I would be grateful for a maker and its matcing maker. Clock...
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    What clock does this Pendulum go with

    I have come into possession of a number of Pendulums. This one stumps me. Does anybody know what clock this top would fit with. Because that is the part that seems unique at least to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to ask the question and the icing on the cake would be to get it...
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    Can I get an identification of the maker of this?

    I came across this pendulum in a Auction lot of material. As you can see it is marked AK. Who makes it, what does AK stand for. In searches that I made I came up with quartz movement clocks themed of the Assault rifle, AK 47. Other than that, nada. I would appreciate some help. Thanks hank
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    Set up info New England CC Weight/Chain wall Clock

    Hi: Hope I am in the correct forum location. I picked up a Mid 50's New England CC short wall clock It has a pendulum and is weight/Chain Driven with a pendulum. It seems the chains are on their pulleys and hang down about 44" and there are 2, 4 lb weights. One rear photo shows two tabs that...
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    Trend Wall Clock by Sligh start up

    Hi all I have a Trend wall clock that I rescued from an estate auction with some case and other issues and managed to reconstruct. It is Model 0779-1-CL Franz Hermle Movt #84, 1051-030A Luckily it had an instruction sheet on the back but it did not address everything. Before I take out the...
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    New Haven Clock Co Mantel Clock

    Hi all I picked up a peach of a mantel clock. A New Haven Co. mantel clock. Classic design no frills it is 8 Day with Chimes. The hammers are actuated with overhead arms and "strings" I saw an identical clock called a 1910. I don't know if that is the age or name. It has a number stamped in the...
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    Chime Sequence is off on ODO Mantle Clock-Help?

    Hi All: Best of the season to you. i rescued an ODO Art Deco mantle clock. It runs very well and the chiming came on line after a bit of cleaning and oiling. I encountered an out of sync situation on the chiming today. It was chiming at 10:15 with the tones for 10:45. I have a lousy ear so when...
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    Gustav Becker Mantel clock Pendulum swing issue

    I have this beautiful Gustav Becker mantel clock and when I went to start it I noticed a problem. First ID, the movement has engraved on it, after the logo,the following-4420(SN?), 2 jewels,1 adjustment and P14 (pendulum length). I want to start it correctly but am not sure of a couple...

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