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    Has anyone seen this Ansonia before

    I cannot see this in the Ansonia book. Any ideas. It has an Ansonia movement in it.
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    Ceramic clock face cracks

    Hi, I'm looking for any tips to help the appearance of a ceramic clock face. It has several cracks and they are quite dark compared to the rest of the face. Is there any way to lighten them in order to make it less obvious and more pleasing please?
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    Wag on the wall/Postman's Clock

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get hold of the hour hand for this. It has a big hole and would be about 3 inches long. It has a makers mark of F-B on the side of the wood. I believe many were just cottage industries but has anyone any idea of what it might stand for or its...
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    Ansonia Zenith - gilding tips

    I want to try my hand at gilding this clock. My question is, is it all gilded? There are brass parts and I wondered whether they should be kept as brass rather than gilding? The top and bottom are obviously gilded or plated but wondering about the top and bottom plates and the 4 corner parts...
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    Ansonia Tower Gong

    Hi, I have an Ansonia Tower Clock which does not have a Gong. As these usually come as a figure clock, would the Gong have been attached to the base or to part of the clock? I'm presuming it would be on the base as I can't see any way of attaching it to other parts which is a shame. Has anyone...
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    Clock Help Ansonia Figure Clock part

    Hi, I recently came across the Ansonia Clock shown below. It seems from Tran Duy Ly that it is part of a larger figural layout. Just on the off chance that someone may have any of these parts without the clock, I'm just wondering if such a thing exists. It seems that this clock is the same one...
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    Waterbury Gingerbread

    Hi All, I recently obtained this for very little. It really surprises me how cheap they are as they just go and go! Would anyone know what this model is called and I know the 5 3/8" means a length of something but can't remember what exactly. Maybe someone can tell me as I have had differing...
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    Hairspring problems

    Hi, I have a couple of Ansonia Carriage clocks which take very small hairsprings. The collections of them I have bought are never the right size. The larger the spring, the smaller the hole and vice versa. Is it possible to get specific ones or have them made? I have the old one which is a mess...
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    Bits required for 30 hour Ogee clock

    Hello Sages, Can you please let me know what weights I require for this clock which I believe to be a 30 hour Ogee. It's unsigned but I have cleaned it up and would love to get hold of the various bits to complete this project. I basically have what you can see so it needs the pendulum bob...
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    Ansonia Comet going far too slow

    Hello All, I have an Ansonia Comet Carriage clock which I have brought back to life and even figured out why it was only chiming on the hour rather than every half hour. My problem is it is very very slow losing a few hours every day. The hair spring, which I have also had to change seems fine...
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    Ansonia Carriage Extra dinging help

    Hello All, The picture is of an Ansonia Carriage Extra. I have now made this work very well apart from one niggle. It either dings once every half hour or the full hour every half hour. I just can't make it ding on the hour normally and once on the half hour as it should. Is there a timing...
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    Ansonia Carriage Clock Face Help

    Hi, Can anyone suggest how to restore or at least make the paper/card clock faces last a bit longer? They are in a rather crumbly state and have stains where the hands come through including the one for the alarm. They are made of metal on the back with card or paper on the front. Is seems to...
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    Ansonia Comet Re-gilding/Painting & More

    Hello All, my very first post so please be gentle with me. I have come across an Ansonia Comet. It is mostly silver metal which I presume is cast. It does have a brassy look to it when looking in the right light which I presume was the original gild. What are your ideas about re-gilding or even...

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