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  1. MikeDeB

    George B Owen Steeple clock

    Here is my G.B. Owen. I believe it is from when his factory was behind his house. 1840s? Anyway, this one has a signed movement.
  2. MikeDeB

    Any thoughts on this one?

    It's definitely a Sessions movement. However, the case is not. The clock was made and sold by The National Clock & Mfg. Co. They used mostly Sessions movements in this model. This is ours.
  3. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    Thanks for the replies Steven and New2Clocks. Part of me wonders if this clock is a prototype that never made it to production or a special order.
  4. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    No problem. I just thought a new post under the general clock discussion, asking for help, would garner more views and, hopefully, some answers.
  5. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    Ok, I posted this clock in "Your Newest Clock Acquisition" under the title of Seth Thomas Hotel Clock. I'm not 100% sure this is a hotel clock so I'm asking if anyone can shed some light on to the ID of this particular clock. The similarities between this clock and the Hotel model is the 85c...
  6. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    My movement looks just like that one! Thanks for finding the article. Mine doesn't have that strange lever on the upper left corner of the front plate and the patent date on mine is earlier than the one in the article. Dec. 1875 v May 1888.
  7. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    I also did a search for Seth Thomas Hotel Clock and the resulting images were very similar to mine except mine has a lower tablet, no fretwork on the sides of the case and no ornamental cap on the top of the case. Plus, mine is almost 6 inches taller than the specs I could find for the Hotel...
  8. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    Ok, I stand corrected. It's not a #60 movement. The number 60 on the lower right of the front plate indicates 60 beats per minute. I realized, after reading the above two replies, that I had overhauled an ST #86 movement in a gallery clock several years ago and it had 50 stamped on the lower...
  9. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Hotel Clock

    My latest clock acquisition. Last month, my wife and I were in an antique mall in Battle Creek and I spotted this baby. I had no idea of the manufacturer or even if it was from this country. Well, I wasn't able to inspect is closer until today. I took some photos of the exterior and then...
  10. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Adamantine

    They do, I just need to come up with the proper weight as there are several offered.
  11. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Adamantine

    I hate to reopen this thread but I need to get a new bob for my client's clock and need to figure out what I need. The clock is identical to the one featured at the beginning of this thread. If anyone has a Seth Thomas with the same movement as this one I need to know the measurements along...
  12. MikeDeB


  13. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Adamantine

    Ironically I just took this same model clock in for an overhaul. They are nice. I did a little testing with the Gojo and it's gonna look real nice when it's all done. The date on the bottom is 1896.
  14. MikeDeB

    Anyone know about this clock?

    Your clock appears to be from the early 1900s and is probably a Waltham size 37 movement. This movement was used in car clocks and some desk clocks. The serial number you provided dates it to about 1894 which I highly doubt is the case. If you open the back to expose the movement, the serial...
  15. MikeDeB

    Mirror Clock

    I followed your blog on this one and I knew what you meant. Great job! She's a beauty! :-)
  16. MikeDeB

    Seth Thomas Simsbury ..1 Westminster Chime Clock

    Very nice clock. It has the Seth Thomas 124, 3 train movement in it. Keeps the time, strikes the hour and plays the Westminster chime on the quarters. I had one in a while back for an overhaul and had to get a new key for my client. It's a #4, double ended key. I can't remember the size of...
  17. MikeDeB

    English Tall Case Purchased at Auction

    What a beautiful tall case clock! I should be so lucky.
  18. MikeDeB

    Scored a clock I've been keeping my eye out for

    Nice, complete, New Haven! It is not missing an alarm, it never had one.
  19. MikeDeB

    Wait til you see this Gilbert!

    Thanks guys! I will have to get a new oval pendulum rod. Steven, the pendulum ball is clear like a pocket watch crystal that appears to have been taken off and painted from behind. Yep, it ought to be fun ridding this clock of it's paint.

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