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  1. blindraccoon

    Winterhalder Hoffmeier Gallery Clock - is it 'straight'?

    Well it's too late if the answer is no :>) I happen to like the clock just the same. My question relates to the overall size of this gallery clock and whether this WH movement could have been married to this case possibly long ago. The large 14" dial could also have been re-painted some time...
  2. blindraccoon

    Quick Question RE: American 30 Hour Movements

    If such a thing exists, I've never seen it... a Gingerbread/Kitchen mantle clock that has a 30 hour movement with the 'alarm'. Did any of the American clock makers produce this combination?
  3. blindraccoon

    Resetting Hands to Coordinate with Strike on Chelsea Banjo Clock - A little help pls

    So I haven't had the clock but for a few days and the strike is off by about 2 minutes after the hour and the 1/2 hour. On any other clock T/S, I just remove the hands and reset, but that clock is not ticking away when I'm doing it. But this Ships Bell Banjo clock is in constant running...
  4. blindraccoon

    OMG! "Antique" German Clock Just Arrived... Case is a REPRODUCTION??!! Please LOOK..

    I purchased this 'antique' German wall clock about 10 days ago on-line. 1. because it had a dual quarter chime strike; 2. I thought the case was lovely. It just arrived this morning, extraordinarily well packed. I could not wait to get it out of the packaging. The first item I grabbed was the...
  5. blindraccoon

    Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Movement * Need Help with Patent Number?

    Hi All, There is no Trademark or maker name on this particular German 30 hour movement, but there is an incised G M (patent pending or patent applied for?) along with a capital letter N followed by a series of numbers. Is there anything to be learned from this 'stamp'? I am attaching a...
  6. blindraccoon

    Need HELP Identifyng Clock! German Movement & Potential Mis-Matched Case

    Got myself into the thick of it with this clock... but I do have the potential to return it since I couldn't fully examine it at the owner's home. I think the really dirty movement is Haller, but would like a confirmation based on the trademark. The clock case is another story. After pulling...
  7. blindraccoon

    Can Anyone Help to Identify the Approx. Age of this Unsigned German Movement?

    The prior owner of this German wall clock thought (or may have been told) that it dates to the 1920's. There is no Trademark or even a serial number. Can anyone help to confirm this just by examining a couple pics of this very dirty movement? Any input is appreciated!
  8. blindraccoon

    Help with More Information on Age of Japanese Nippon Clock & Clock Maker

    I acquired this Japanese wall clock about 3 years ago. Based on the movement in clock, I would like to get some opinions as to dating it and if possible, find if anyone has ever heard of the Nippon Clock Co., LTD. I did spot the logo on-line, but there isn't any date range as to when this...
  9. blindraccoon

    What the devil is this "time piece?" Any suggestions?

    screwballA friend sent me pictures of what kind of looks like a 'timer' of some sort? Maybe it's something somebody put together with spare parts? I've never seen anything like this before. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!
  10. blindraccoon

    I'd like to get a 'positive ID' for Kroeber Vienna Regulator Model No. 33

    I purchased this clock within the last 2 years as a Kroeber Vienna Regulator Model No.33. At time of purchase it was advertised as having a hand carved replacement center crown that is a match to the original and a replaced backboard. Finials also appear to be replacements. Got to admit, it is...
  11. blindraccoon

    Questions re: Hamburg-American Movement & 'Restored' Clock Case

    Hi all, Hopefully I can get some input regarding this little r/a wall clock that I recently picked up. Would it be possible to 'date' within 10 years or so, this backboard mounted Hamburg American movement? The walnut case appears to have been 'professionally' restored, but upon close...
  12. blindraccoon

    Ingraham Drop Octagon Calendar Clock - 10"

    This Ingraham Drop Octagon clock is part of a small lot of clocks I picked up very recently. I was wondering if any has ever come across this unusual incised numeral marking on the front of the case. It makes no sense to me and it's kind of a detraction to the appearance of this cute little...
  13. blindraccoon

    oh-oh... Need Help! Never Ever Heard of This Clock Movement 'Trademark'

    Greetings all! This is my first posting and I am so glad to be here! I visited a very large estate sale a while back that had quite a few clocks available to purchase. There was one particular Ingraham that I really wanted, but in order to make that happen, I had to sweeten my offer by...

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