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  1. skippp66

    Can anyone identify this Hamilton and provide info?

    Gatorcpa, Than, you very much. Be well.
  2. skippp66

    Can anyone identify this Hamilton and provide info?

    I think this WW is from the late 50's or early 60's but cannot identify it. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. skippp66

    Hamilton 936 or 944?

    John, I tend to agree with you. I paid more for this watch than I would an ordinary 936 (or 944) but not a huge premium for it. I like it a lot. Having acquired most of the Hamilton's listed in Shugert's "price guide", this "19 jewel 936" (or 944, if you like) has, in my opinion, special...
  4. skippp66

    Hamilton 936 or 944?

    I just purchased the 18 sized pocket watch, S.N. 280203 pictured below. It is a 19 jewel, lever set Hamilton with a damascene that looks like that of both a 936 and a 944. When I look up the serial number in Ehrhardt's Identification and Price Guide, it is listed as a 936. When I look the...
  5. skippp66

    Correct Dial for 1930 Hamilton?

    This looks to me like a "boxcar" dial from a Hamilton 992. Is this a 16 size dial? The 922 18 size would have "Imperial Canada" printed on the dial and the 922 12 size and were all fancier than this one. If "922" is a typo and you meant 992, you are correct. Skip, that Hamilton Nut
  6. skippp66

    private label info, Crulo,Stanley & Camp Co.Milwaukee Wis

    Re: private label info My goodness, Richie! How on earth did you find that incredibly detailed information on Atanley and Camp. Please share your methods with us. Skip, that Hamilton Nut
  7. skippp66

    Staking set cleanup

    Confucious say: If is moves.....duct tape it; if it doesn't move...WD40 it! Skip, that Hamilton Nut
  8. skippp66

    No free lunch in horology...

    Sorry guys, but I beg to differ. If there is a watch I want, I am prepared to deal with any and all sellers. The ebay/PayPal guarantee is very valuable to the buyer and I have used it occasionally to return the item and get my money back. It goes without saying that one must be cautious and...
  9. skippp66

    Hamilton 7J

    Jim, Thanks for the correction. I didn't know that the second run was cancelled. This makes sense, though. I read somewhere (in "Time for America", I think) that Hamilton decided to concentrate on high end, quality watches and that they may have even recalled or destroyed 7 jewel and 11 jewel...
  10. skippp66

    Blueing contraption......

    Harold, I am very interested in your blueing contraption. Could I impose on you to furnish a shopping list of exactly what i need to buy on Amazon.com, giving complete names of each part so I can order the exact same parts as you did. In other words I need a very specific list of what to buy on...
  11. skippp66

    Hamilton 7J

    I own two 7 jewel Hamilton pocket watches. I have seen a few others priced from $1,900 to $3,400. Glen Ellington currently has one for sale at the lower end of that price range. I am sure he will be at the York regional later this month. I have seen it and it is very nice condition. You are...
  12. skippp66

    Advice requested from a knowledgeable community regarding a future purchase

    I suggest you look at the thread entitled "Need help determining quality watch to spend gift money on" which was posted by Nimby on 9/2892012 (currently on page 3 of American Pocket watches). Skip, that Hamilton Nut
  13. skippp66

    Need Help Determining Quality Watch to Spend Gift Money On

    Nimby, You asked a very general and very broad question that has different answers for different people. There are thousands of good choices out there which fit your criteria. Most people would not venture to tell you which watch to buy. However, I will throw caution to the wind and tell you...
  14. skippp66

    Red inked code stamped on hamilton case backs & 992b lastest serial in the normal run

    Re: Red inked code stamped on hamilton case backs. I did not see Art there. Skip, that hamilton Nut
  15. skippp66

    Red inked code stamped on hamilton case backs & 992b lastest serial in the normal run

    Red inked code stamped on hamilton case backs. I cannot remember where I saw it, but a few folks recently posted pictures of the inside of Hamilton case backs, mostly on 992b watches, but not exclusively, which showed a red inked stamped letter-number code (e.g. "N-8"). There were various...
  16. skippp66

    Graver sharpening

    Does anyone know where i can obtain a shaft which will fit into a collet and hold a 2" diamond honing wheel? I want to set up a second lathe quickly sharpen my graver and need a diamond wheel and something to attach it to to place in a collet. Skip, that Hamilton Nut
  17. skippp66

    English PW Watch Restoration

    I just ordered my copy of Mr. Perkins new book from AWI. I couldn't get the online ordering mechanism on the AWI website to work so i called AWI directly. They didn't know what I was talking about so I insisted on talking to AWI's executive director, Jim Lubic. To his credit, he came right...
  18. skippp66

    Just got a Hamilton 914 in a nice, interesting case.

    Kudos to cr for excellent advice. Beware the yellow!!!! In this case, it may just be the photo lighting, but if it is yellow to the eyeball, get that plastic crystal off of the watch pronto or you will see corrosion develop. It is just a matter of when, not if. Skip, that Hamilton Nut
  19. skippp66

    Revisions to "The Modern Watchmakers Lathe" by Archie Perkins...???

    I recently spent 4+ hours on the internet contacting every antique book shop I could think of...dozens and dozens in all. It is extremely hard to find! I was able to find only 2 copies of "The Modern Watchmaker's Lathe and How to Use It" by Archie Perkins: one from a bookstore in North...
  20. skippp66

    I have never seen a military timepiece like this Hamilton!

    Re: Follow up on my mystery military timepiece Gene, You found another one. It looks almost the same as mine except that it lacks the plaque on the back which gives the part number(same as the on on the site you refer to), stock number and companies (Hamilton and EG&G). Also the top front on...