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    Help identifying this glass ball or loupe watch

    I have this glass ball watch and would like to know the manufacturer and the official name of this kind of watch. The glass ball is about 2.5 ich or 6 cm in diameter. On the rearside the only marks I could find were an „M“ a cross and the serial or Model number 7032 ( or 7082 the 3/8 is hard to...
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    Help Dating Atmos Clocks - with fotos

    Could you please help with Dating my Atmos Clocks, the first one S/N549033 probably from late 1982 or early 1983. It is Caliber 526-5, it has a silver colored casing. My Question regarding the case what material is the plating? Would it be rhodinium or nickel or chromium? The second Atmos S/N...