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  1. kevin h

    Ball - Hamilton 999C grade B.R.T.

    I think anyone would be happy to have that one , great damaskeening
  2. kevin h

    Vintage Star lathe.

    It looks like you have 2 d-bed lathes , put them together and see what you have , making sure to keep the brands straight , then service them
  3. kevin h

    Trying Calipers

    I had a tough time with that type , esp getting the balances round and was able to put this together , the base is from a magnifying glass
  4. kevin h

    U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham) replacement hairspring

    ohhh dear .....
  5. kevin h

    Help Finding Balance Hole Jewels

    Your right Rick , a later one marked steiner or Horia is one thing to look for , pic one that I posted shows a broken "circle thingy" that the staff butts up against so you can" work" the end of the staff , shorten or shape it , these are under caps on the shaft and most are not shown because...
  6. kevin h

    Metal balance hole jewel?!?!?

    I just finished a 18s Illinois lincoln 21j that had this butchery , :( , it had 16s jewels ( i think) the roller jewels got "glued" to the staff , the little double roller was just floating ! the surprising thing was it was just slow about 10 mins . I use Harrys method , make sure your jewels...
  7. kevin h

    Help Finding Crystal

    I put together a nice pocket watch crystal set , I keep seeing these wrist watch crystal "piles" go through the auction I am thinking it might be a good idea to snap them up while they are cheap , but I shiver at the thought of cataloging them
  8. kevin h

    Why does he bother cleaning?

    Maybe ....
  9. kevin h

    Help Finding Balance Hole Jewels

    You MUST GET a jacot tool , MUST must must , I have found the staffs are rough to start with , place the balance on the jacot tool and reduce the staff to the size needed ,then polish it , I use a agate slip to reduce it , and shape the end , there are numerous ways to finish polishing it , when...
  10. kevin h

    Why does he bother cleaning?

    This is a great article that turned a video of poor procedure into a positive ! I have a Bunn model 2 that had a fingerprint on the plate that actually etched itself into the gild . Like many of you I am just a hobbyist that took it up a notch , a parts washer is indispensable , keeping the...
  11. kevin h

    Thread Cutting on WW Lathe

    I really think a good set of tap&dies may be cheaper and more effective , I can understand using a lathe if you are doing production work , but that is rarely the case in watchmaking
  12. kevin h

    Show off your 19J Standard watches... I'll start with a 19j Bunn

    I like these !9j watches , I had 4 19j Bunns , but trimmed it down to 2 or 3
  13. kevin h


    I had an International truck with a "dollar" watch on a magnetic base , it rode on that dash for years and always worked
  14. kevin h

    Identifying 18s Elgin Rairoad Grade Watch

    why not just collect Bunn Special's ! problem solved , I would pick a grade and save the search on the e-site like elgin 349, father time , bw raymond , I don't really collect elgins so I am not sure which ones fit , I like Jones Horan they usually have high grade pocket watches , BUT the real...
  15. kevin h

    The J&H Auction Today

    that would be my idea of a museum -clocks and stained glass -my 2 favorites !
  16. kevin h

    eBay Selling Strategy

    Thats a great topic Ethan , I have no idea why someone puts a crazy price on an item and the lists it over and over. I use RST199's method of putting a realistic start price with make offer , you would be surprised how many times people come in well over my price , of course there are...
  17. kevin h

    The J&H Auction Today

    I was watching and bidding on an Illinois , but lost feed or something and missed the 1 watch I really wanted , I felt the prices where pretty strong
  18. kevin h

    Brand you collect most

    I like everything ! I really like Illinois but that came after bouncing around , I decided that I should get Higher grade watches that people like , so I can resell to upgrade , but I am having trouble letting go , I zeroed in on Bunns , but will still buy a model 3(transitional ) or a burlington
  19. kevin h


    At one time , and maybe today , UPS timed the men on how fast they can load and unload a truck - so boxes went flying through the air !
  20. kevin h

    Discussion of published auctions before sale.

    Good Lord , 71 posts and counting ...