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    Funny little fault, quartz movement

    As usually happens, when I want a particular French clock at auction I often have to buy a whole job lot of clocks, the other day no less than 10, nine of which were of no interest to me. They normally end up on Ebay in the 20-40 quid range within a couple of hours but one in particular caught...
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    What should be on top of this case?

    I wonder if anybody happens to have a catalogue drawing or photo of a clock like this. The dial says 'Made in the UK' and the movement is a standard 8-day striking Hermle. There is no retailer or case manufacturer identification. The movement is from 1979. The finial is missing from it...
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    Peculiar Japy Movement

    A new clock garniture I just acquired is fitted with a somewhat unusual movement. This is the clock garniture as a whole, sculptures by Guillemin, "Le Passage du Gre" - Crossing the Ford. The movement is a Japy movement carrying the Japy Freres & Cie, Gde Med d'Honneur trade mark. If I'm not...
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    Small instruction leaflet regarding French mantel clocks

    About a week ago I sold a French clock to a person who didn't know anything about how to operate or care for this type of clock so I decided to write a small instruction leaflet: http://www.zerocarbonsolutions.com/AllDeco/Ebaycontent/ClockCareWeb.pdf Comments invited.
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    Has anybody seen a Smiths Deco mantel clock like this one?

    A couple of days ago I acquired this amusing clock in a job lot. I have never seen one like it before. The backing on the dial is a piley/furry textile of some sort, and there must have been some sort of cover in front, probably made from clear acrylic sheet. I was wondering if any of you might...
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    Junghans (HAU) Dating Question

    Does the 38 12 mark on a Junghans movement mean that it was manufactured in December 1938?
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    Winding arbor grommets

    Last month in a thread about a French clock missing grommets I wrote: "If you have a lathe you can just turn some new grommets - takes just a few minutes." By coincidence I needed to fabricate a replacement grommet yesterday so I thought I would take the opportunity to illustrate the method. I...
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    Just a tiny sigh...

    <rant> I am really happy, even grateful, when I work on a movement which has been serviced regularly over the years and into which bushings have been installed as and when required. I'm just servicing such a movement, a wonderfully built 31-day Marti from around 1870. Being the naturally...
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    I don't collect anniversary clocks at all and only reluctantly repair them but for some reason they keep piling up, so I installed a small decorative selection on a mantelpiece in the house :). Just in case you wonder: the item to the left is a 1950s art deco style meat mincer - my house is...
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    How rare is this Kundo?

    Hidden in an auction lot of antique marble clocks I recently acquired this funny little mantel clock made by Kundo: The impulse to the pendulum is generated electromagnetically and it features a ratchet type escapement. It took me a little while to figure out how it worked and get it going...
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    Depthing tool anybody?

    I have found that it is always difficult and very expensive to find clock-sized depthing tools, so I was thinking of dotting down a set of drawings for one, and casting some sets of frames in brass, as well as carrying out the machining requiring a large mill. Based on this everybody can then...
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    French clock history (Jura mountains)

    For the information of whoever may be interested: I recently found a small article published in 1929 in Annales de Géographie, entitled Les petites industries de la montagne dans le Jura français by André Mathieu. It contains some fascinating information about the clock and watch industry in...
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    Did Jacob Petit design metal clock cases?

    Jacob Petit is of course known as one of the best porcelain clock case painters of the 19th century. I have just finished servicing a clock with an ormolu case stamped JP 65 (see photos). The quality of the figurine is good and the clock very pleasing to the eye and fitted with an excellent...
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    Has anybody seen one like this? (French mantel with Torquato Tasso figure)

    Sorry if this should be in the clock case section but this is the story: I am about to begin restoring this clock: It stands 53 cm tall and is heavy enough to add a fork lift truck to next Christmas' wish list. Our poetic friend, however, is missing his right forearm (which is supposed to...
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    Just about ready for a service...

    I just disassembled an ordinary French mantel clock from around 1880 for service and thought I would share these photos of the inner end of one of the mainsprings with you. You could say that this clock was indeed due for a service... Seriously, though, this is a good example of why it is...
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    Dating Philippe Mouret clocks

    Does anybody know the details of the system used to stamp dates into Philipe H Mouret clock cases? I am wondering because I am just starting to work on a clock marked "4 PH Mouret 6". It is not a marriage - all numbers add up - but details such as a count wheel and the Marti & Cie Medaille de...
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    Small Walnut Deco Clock - ID?

    This small art deco clock has no logos or markings at all, apart from a P inside a keyhole stamped into the spring. I first thought it was from the 1950s but the quality is slightly better than I would expect from that period, so I suspect it may be pre-WWII. So, who among the distinguished...
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    ID this clock?

    When I was a child I loved to sit in front of a 400-day clock and watch it for hours. My parents never had one, and I've wanted one for the last 50 years. Today I finally managed to pick one up at an auction for 5 quids. It is an early mini Uhrenfabrik Herr with it's glass dome intact...
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    Can any of you identify this movement?

    I recently found this partial movement in a box of clock parts - I sometimes buy the contents of closed clock workshops. It is stamped "W&E, Sch." as far as I can see (because of double-stamping the mark is not clear) and signed in pencil. See attached photos. Does anybody know what it is?
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    Aug Schatz Jahresuhren-Fabrik clock date

    I have a mahogany clock from the Jahresuhren-Fabrik. It is not a 400-day clock in this case but a nice mantel clock in a mahogany case with a carved band around the plinth and an inlaid wood decoration. The movement is 8-day with a coiled gong. Judging from the style I would say this was...
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