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  1. Jaap

    Clock with wooden platines?

    Hi all, just acquired this clock today for a bunch of flowers (white tulips). It has beech wood platines with brass bushings. Sadly the crank is missing Can anyone date this clock? screwball Thanks, Jaap
  2. Jaap

    Hermle quartz movement hands not turning

    Hi all, last week we've got a Hermle clock in for repair at the charity shop. The customer bought this clock 5 months a go. He was complaning that the hands did not move. He wasn't able to show the buying ticket. But they took it in for repair. Giving the customer the benefit of the doubt. So...
  3. Jaap

    My first home made barrel bushings

  4. Jaap

    Need torsion spring for Haller

    Hi Folks, best wishes for 2017. I have a Haller aniversary clok in for repair for the charity shop. The Original bronze spring is broken. The former repair guy has tried to solder the spring to the top block and bottom block. They had glued the balll arms of the pendulum. So it was not possible...
  5. Jaap

    three strikes out, seven strokes fighting back

    Last spring we had plans to go to america for a holiday with our daughter, who is living in NY. 2 days before departure I was hospitalised with, as the MRI scans showed, 7 brain strokes and a paralysed left side. After several weeks, early MaY, I was dismissed from the hospital. With the loving...
  6. Jaap

    Restored Comtoise.

    When we were in France last summer, my wife spotted a Comtoise clock at a brocante. The clock was almost complete. Only missing part were the side doors. The clock dates from the second part of the 1800's. After cleaning and inspection, and adding the new side doors, the clock is now on the wall...
  7. Jaap

    Change JUF Mainspring

    Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Jaap, I live in the netherlands and I'm servicing clocks as a hobby. At this moment I have a JUF Anniversary clock, and I think it is plate number 1595, no serial number on the plates. During inspection of the mainspring Ifound this problem. Is it best...
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