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    Looking for info on Crown Watch Company pocket watch

    A friend shared his Grandfather’s Crown Watch Company pocket watch looking for info. I tried to research it but didn’t have much luck. Any info or suggestions on where to look would be appreciated. I’ll try to attach pictures. Let me know if you need additional info. Thanks Peter
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    looking for info on Centaur wrist watch and movement

    I have a Centaur watch with a stamp on the case. I assume it's the case maker, not a gold mark. I also can't figure info on the movement maker. I haven't had much luck in getting any details. I'll include pictures but it was difficult to get details to show. The watch is in surprisingly good...
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    Help Looking for vintage Seiko stems and crowns

    This is really a general question on how to find parts for vintage watches. In this case, I am specifically looking for stems and crowns for a few old Seiko 5's. It appears, in working condition, these may be acrually worth a few dollars. I have 2 Sportsmatics, ref 7619-9010 and 7619-7010...
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    $ Hoping for info on 6 pocket watches

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas or Hanukkah I am going to look at 6 pocket watches after the first. Unfortunately, all I have to go on at this point, is the attached picture. The owner states they were her fathers (and I believe she is in her 80's). She did state the "Right One is an...
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    $ Looking for info on vintage Eterna Chronometer

    I have another watch from my brother. It's an Eterna Chronometer Here are the details he provided. Let me know what additional info is needed to provide details on the watch and movement as well as value. "ETERNA – 25.8MM Square. 7.6mm w/o crystal – 11.3mm with There is not much on the...
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    $ Looking for info on Vintage Rolex

    I am trying to learn as much as possible, including value, about my brother's Rolex. I beleive he bought it in the 80's in Zurich. (Which is where he lives.) Whatever info you can provide will be appreciated. I've attached pictures (I hope). What I can provide is the following. "Rolex – 28.4...
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    Looking for information on vintage Rolex

    I am trying to learn as much as possible, including value, about my brother's Rolex. I beleive he bought it in the 80's in Zurich. Which is where he lives.) I understand I can't ask for a value but I'm hoping someone can provide some info and direction. I've attached pictures (I hope). What...
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    Vintage 1955 Rolex Oysterdate question

    I'm a new member and this is my second post. I just picked up a 1955 Rolex Oysterdate. I'll try to attach pictures). I'm 99% sure it's real based on the owner. My question is regarding the serial number. At the 6 It has Brevet 6294. At the 12 It has 18259. I can identify the reference...
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    Info on Hamilton wrist watch

    Hi this is my first post so please excuse any missteps. I am trying to get some info on a Hamilton wrist watch with a 10k gold case 27mm x 30mm and the following movement. I'll try to attach pictures. I believe the movement model number is 987A and the serial number is 0160139. I acquired it...
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    Benrus test

    Just trying it out!