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    IBM Three wire to Two wire circuit

    I didn't get any help on my odd 2 wire IBM problem, (I couldn't figure it out either), IBM - Need help trouble shooting a 2 wire IBM / Simplex system. so I am going to try a work around. I am making a three wire to two wire converter. See drawing. The K1 relay is large and slower then the...
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    IBM Need help trouble shooting a 2 wire IBM / Simplex system.

    Hi. I have a strange one here. I am hopping someone can help me figure this out. Problem. 2 wire IBM / Simplex system runs one min faster then the master. The particulars. Slave clocks are a variety of IBM and Simplex from 1920 to about 2000 most are IBM two coil high quality brass movement...
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    Clock booster wanted

    We still run a 2 wire impulse clock system at our Christian school. I am working on making things more maintainable. I want to add a booster between wings. Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Any brand, 2 or three wire. Simplex 604 Latham PS8-24B2 Or other Thanks
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    Quick easy Master clock

    I bought a USB controlled relay board. It is a board with 4 relays (15 Amp contacts NO NC and Com) It comes with very friendly control software. You can assign relays to a timer and send a on signal for 1 sec and off for 29 for a half minute impulse. For a bipolar slave you would use 2...
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    Replacment switch fo IBM wind motor

    A few months ago the wind switch for my IBM weight driven master clock failed. (Years ago it was reinstalled without the correct spacers and the phenolic parts slowly bent and then broke) I have been winding the clock with an external pendent switch. I assumed the switch was made by someone...
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    Remote control of a tower clock

    I have a nice old tower clock that I get to service once in a while. Sadly it was converted to run on AC quite a few years ago by gearing a small AC motor to the escape wheel shaft (The "Surplus" parts have been lost) The customer is asking for remote control. This would be easy to do with...
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    Tower Clock remote control

    I have a nice old tower clock that I get to service once in a while. Sadly it was converted to run on AC quite a few years ago by gearing a small AC motor to the escape wheel shaft (The "Surplus" parts have been lost) The customer is asking for remote control. This would be easy to do with...
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    Late model Simplex Clock

    I still maintane a Simplex ? IBM clock system at church school. Therefor when I saw a couple of slim moderen looking clocks on Ebay I bought them. A whole new movement. There is a ckt board, I assume it is to control back EMF but I don't know. The whole movement is just over .5 in thick...
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    IBM info

    I ran across a couple of interesting Patents. The famous IBM heavy duity impulse clock movement. http://www.google.com/patents?id=zXlhAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA1930&dq=armature+secondary+clock&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=0_1 And the 090 Master clock movement...
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    Synchronome runs

    It runs. About May of last year I bought most of a Synchronome and had it shipped from England. Since then I have made a Pendulum Pendulum Rod, Bob Bob Nut, Suspension spring, Gathering wire, and a few other small parts. I redesigned the pallet to be made from brass stock instead of a...
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    Info on the Big Ben restoration

    I just receaved this link and am passing it along. http://homepages.tesco.net/chris.mckay/ From Chris McKay Big Ben PAge http://homepages.tesco.net/chris.mckay/bigben.html Frank DeWitt
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    ITR Type C master clock

    I have a old ITR case that has paneled sides and signs of pilot dials This seems to pre date ITR systems with correction, or perhaps it was a less expensive system offered at the same time? I just tripped over a picture of the case and it is called a Type C Master clock. Does any one know any...
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    slave Tower clock to look at

    This just sold on Ebay. Real eye candy I would love to know who bought it, and get some more pictures. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280192202137&ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:US:1123 Frank
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    I need help finding Synchronome hands and pan.

    I have been making the missing parts for a Synchronome master clock and I am getting close to finishing it. I made the suspension spring today. My son is making a case for me but I need to find a dial pan, and those very British looking spade hands. Real Synchronome would be nice. but I will...
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    Seth Thomas Slave

    I just purchased a Seth Thomas Slave movement. It appears to be from a big clock, but I know nothing about it. Can any one fill in any details? Thanks Frank
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    ITR clock with 2 RPM cam shaft.

    Some time ago there was a discussion about a ITR master with a 2 RPM cam shaft. I have just seen a very old ITR master with old stile minute impulse contacts. (The type where the entire contact moved and required a flexible wire to it) The clock has small cams with two lobes at 180 deg The...
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    Jump Minute Tower Clock

    There is a discussion going on over at the tower clock group on "jump minute" tower clocks. This, of course, involves clock works that receive a signal from master clocks so I thought some here might want to walk over and have a look...
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    OT Old air compressor colectors?

    Sory for the off topic. I thought someone collected everything but I can't find a group for old air compressors. I have found a few very small air compressors, a couple are Pelton Crane dental units. Open piston, open fly wheel, flat belt. All good things, but quite small. I am amazed that I...
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    Good Cuckoo clock for a gift

    Hi A friend has asked me to recommend a good cuckoo clock. She wants to buy one for her husband for Christmas she came to me because she thinks I know about clocks. I know about master clocks (IBM Synchromone ETC) and a bit about tower clocks. cuckoo? I had to look up the spelling. This is...
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    Behind the dial works repair.

    I am working on a old E Howard tower clock. One behind the dial works is "Stuck" seized between the main shaft and the hour shaft. (If I remove the intermediate gear, the two shafts turn freely as one in the housing.) Any ideas on what I will find when I remove it? Is this common? Does any...
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