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  1. malloy1

    Gents Pul-syn-etic Edward Glasgow Ship Clock

    Just picked up this slave clock, and was wondering if anybody can help me locate the ship it came off? It's a brass Gents marine clock marked on the face as "Edward Glasgow - Pul-syn-etic", and the movement is marked as being inspected on 9-15-25. I assume that the clock was made for a ship...
  2. malloy1

    ATO Leon Hatot clock - Bad Coil or Magnet?

    I hope somebody here knows these clocks. Pretty sure it's from the 1920's, Serial Number 49441 - Leon Hatot clock movement Clock doesn't work. Made a LED test light, and when pendulum swings, I get a pulse (very constant) at the coil. Seems like 1.5V and a ground signal is getting to the...
  3. malloy1

    Dating ATO clocks

    Pretty sure it's from the 1920's, Serial Number 49441 - Leon Hatot clock movement - Clockette model. Can anyone date it? Need to look at it to see if it's in running condition. Hopefully, somebody here can help out if there's a problem. Paul
  4. malloy1

    Bulle Parts needed for a Bulle Electric Clock

    Hello- I would like to get my Bulle clock running. It needs the silk suspension part for the pendulum (it's broken), and the silver contact spring. Looks like everything else is there and in good shape. xyzzytom_243631 Any tricks to use to replace them with common items? Any good threads...
  5. malloy1

    Looking for a 16.5" ITR clock dial 31060

    Just received a new clock, and during shipping, somebody stepped on it and broke the glass. The loose pieces of glass did a job on the dial (besides other things). I got most of back to useable shape, but I would like to find a better dial. It's a 1930 style 12-71 slave clock, and has the...
  6. malloy1

    30-inch SET-Waterbury with dial divide by 12 (normal) and 10 (don't know why?)

    Can anyone explain why the dial is divided by 10? Not a great picture...
  7. malloy1

    Anybody have Info on Standard Electric Time Co. of California Clocks?

    I just picked up one, and I have several with the "Springfield, Mass" location. Don't seem like there is a lot of info about the ones labeled "California". Paul xyzzytom_205318
  8. malloy1

    Is there a link section somewhere?

    I'm sure this is a known link, but it's my favorite: http://www.electricclockarchive.org/ClockGallery.aspx Lots of pictures of electric clocks and some original documents. It could use some more detailed information on the pictures. I would like to find some more. Paul
  9. malloy1

    New to this Forum - Anybody play around with slave clocks?

    New to this forum. I bought an old Martin Fischer slave clock about 15 years ago, and replaced the mechanism with a cheap quartz one. About a year and half ago, I bought a Standard Electric slave clock, and researched how to get them to run with the original mechanism. I got the Standard...
  10. malloy1

    Parts for a small Paul Garnier Slave Clock

    Hello- I just bought a Paul Garnier small wall slave clock, but it didn't have a bezel. The clock face is 4.25 inches in diameter, and the case very nice shape and condition (looks to be walnut). Where the face of the clock fits on the case, there is a raised area. I tried a Martin Fischer...
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