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  1. Missy

    Just A Test

  2. Missy

    List of suppliers

    I was having trouble finding the "List of suppliers". I thought it was on top of the Clock Repair forum, but just found it in a separate section named Repair Hints, How-to's, and Suppliers and Services. Missy
  3. Missy

    Historical Homes of Bristol Clockmakers

    While searching for information on Chester Boardman, I ran across this site. Having a love for old homes and old clocks, I found this very interesting. They really built some very large, sturdy homes back then didn't they? Missy
  4. Missy

    Think I could build a clock case for this musical movement???

    It would have to be a big, odd-shaped one. Any ideas? <
  5. Missy

    United Ballerina clock needs right foot

    I was recently given this clock. It runs, light works and ballerina dances. When I try to set the time, only the hour hand turns. If I plug it in at the time the hands show, it keeps time and both the hour and minute hand turn. Since I usually work on mechanical clocks, I'm out of my comfort...
  6. Missy

    Dreaming of a White Christmas

    I wonder if we will get snow this year. We had snow the last 3 years, 1/19 & 12/11/08, 12/4/09 and 2/12/10. This was the scene from my window 2/12/10. Snow is unusual for this part of southwest Ms. Very pretty, but it doesn't last long after the sun comes out. Missy
  7. Missy

    Ansonia "Rosalind" or French Marble????

    Here is a clock a friend brought to me to see if I had a key to fit it. She has had it for a long time, but has never run it. When I first saw it I thought a pretty French marble clock. With a good look I thought no, probably Ansonia. It's extremely heavy with the appearance of marble but is...
  8. Missy

    Another Mi-Ken novelty clock

    Here is a little Mi-Ken novelty clock my daughter found for me. It is ceramic and in very good condition. It even has the little paper tag with the instruction. It didn't have a key and I was wondering if anyone knew what size it would take. I have several novelty clock keys, but they were a...
  9. Missy

    A Pin or Pendant Watch from LaRose

    I ran across this little pretty recently. It had been put away many years. I think I ordered it from LaRose in 1965 or 66. They had many styles of clock shapes, but I liked this one best. It's about 3 1/4" long. It has a pin on the back and also a ring so that you could wear it as a pendant. I...
  10. Missy

    NAWCC 10 year service pin

    A few weeks ago I received an email from NAWCC stating I was eligible to receive a 10 year service pin and if I would like the pin or a 10 year banner if I already had a pin. I didn't have the pin so I requested it. I received it last Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. It is a really nice...
  11. Missy

    Elgin Pocket Watch

    First post in this section. I usually haunt the Clock sections. This watch was in my mother's belongings. It's an open face and about 1 3/4" in diameter. The back is plain and shows wear from use, but still shows gold without any other color showing through. I can't get it open to find any...
  12. Missy

    Lord Elgin Wrist Watch 559

    I have had this watch for quite some time. I decided to do some research on it. Inside back case cover in a circle: cased and timed by Elgin National Watch Co. Inside of circle: Schwab and Wuischpard. Under that 14K gold filled. Under the circle: #302399. On the movement: Elgin 559 U-S-A, 21...
  13. Missy

    Junghan Alarm Clock

    I just got this little Junghan's alarm clock and love it. I know it's nothing rare or unusual as I have read on this MB that they made a lot of these and also the little musical carriage clocks. It is oak, about 7 1/2" tall (not counting the brass spire) and 5 3/4" wide with a beveled glass...
  14. Missy

    New Haven Model ?

    After seeing Dave B's clock, it reminded me of one I have a question about. Before and after pictures posted below. Picked this one up at an auction many years ago. It was in bad shape, but I thought I could fix it. It was missing the scrolled carving on the right side, back door, one back...
  15. Missy

    How Do You Store Your Bulletins?

    I need some suggestions for storing the Bulletins. I started putting them in plastic containers, but that didn't work too well. They were too small and filled up too fast. Also would need to be able to see the Volume, Month & Year and easy to take out and put back in. I would like for them to be...
  16. Missy

    NAWCC Banner

    Did I miss something? I just noticed there are very few NAWCC banners showing and those appear to be added manually. Have they been disabled because of the new "Members Only" features to be added and waiting until membership can be verified automatically? I checked on my user profile to...
  17. Missy

    Key & Bob for Ingraham Black Mantel

    I need to order a key & bob for an Ingraham black mantel that belongs to a neighbor. Movement is marked 9/25. It's an 8 day time & strike. I am using one of my bobs that looks like #10218 in TimeSavers catalog. Also using one of my keys that is not marked. The winding arbor square measures...
  18. Missy

    Ingraham Banjo

    OK, last one, I promise. I know this one is not original since I painted it many years ago. It is flaking especially in the sky. I used oil paints. I wonder since the sky is flaking the most, if there is something in the white causing it. I may one day try to repair it as it is not a valuable...
  19. Missy

    Birge & Fuller

    Here is a Birge & Fuller. Would this be called a column & cornice? I have always called it an Empire. Would this be a stencil? I can feel the paint. I would like to know what type of tablets on all the others I have posted too. This one has an unusual wallpaper inside. It seems to be all the...
  20. Missy

    Birge, Mallory & Co.

    Here is a Birge, Mallory & Co. triple decker. I think the bottom tablet is original. I know the middle one isn't because I painted it. Please don't laugh, I know it's very amateurish. :mad: It's suppose to be Mt. Vernon. Missy

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