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    Stromberg slave question

    I have a Stromberg slave that I am repairing. I have never worked on one before but the movement seems very straightforward. I have a 20V impulse power supply and the coil actuates the rotor when impulsed. There is a secondary rotor (much smaller) that I hope you can see in the pictures. It is...
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    2 sided Seth Thomas 86

    I recently acquired the two sided clock in the attached pictures. I think this is a solid bronze casting. Beautiful clock. The original movement is in the clock but it was converted to 120 volt electric. The movement is not marked but it is pretty obviously a Seth Thomas 86. I have an 86...
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    Strange New Haven Train Station Clock

    Good morning, I own the New Haven clock pictured in the attached photos. I have records that show the clock was in the Sandy Hook CT Train Station until the station closed around 1940. There is a strange feature of this clock. The basic movement is an 8 day, time only movement. As you can see...
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    Seth Thomas Ship Bell with electrical contacts

    I recently acquired a Seth Thomas Ships Bell clock in the traditional round brass case with hinged door. The dial and movement are both marked Seth Thomas. Pictures of the movement (front and back) are attached. The movement is a platform escapement and while there is a mostly traditional...

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