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  1. Nicko

    Urgos 32/1a

    How does one tighten the friction coupling from the pendulum to the anchor arbor. This one is a bit loose, keeps going out of beat.
  2. Nicko


    Figure 6 on page 44 of the 10th edition of the repair guide, the 2º inside drop is shown. Where is the exit drop? or where is it measured?
  3. Nicko

    Hauck clock

    S/n 36674, plate 1607, 3 ball pendulum no26, Suspension Horolovar .0038" (.097mm). It has a very small pendulum rotation. Anticlockwise rotation beat at 30º, overswing to 60º Clockwise rotation beat at 45 overswing to 90º. The pallets contact the EW teeth right on the corner of the lock...
  4. Nicko

    Polishing Plates

    How do you tell if a plate is lacquered or not. If it is and the plate is in a poor state how do you remove the laquer to repolish it. If it is not lacquered, what's the best polishing technique. For parts that are lacquered and need polishing, can I use simichrome or similar. Thanks
  5. Nicko

    Hauck Suspension

    I have a Hauck, plate 1607. The suspension is listed as .0038, but does anyone know which layout in the repair guide I should be using. Cheers
  6. Nicko

    Clock Tuner - Mobile phone app

    There are "apps" for almost everything these days. Download to them to your mobile phone and you are able to do wondrous things like measuring an incline, or finding out which way is North. About 6 months ago I came across an "app" called "Clock Tuner". It will only work on "Android" phones but...
  7. Nicko

    Juba BPH

    Does any one know the BPH or BPM of this little Juba B1 mantle clock
  8. Nicko

    German "Art Deco" Westminster Clock ID.

    This clock has "Made in Germany" written on the bottom of the dial. It has "U T" stamped on one side of the bottom of the back plate and it has 12cm above a line and 190.66 below the same line. Does anyone know who manufactured or sold it?
  9. Nicko

    Waterbury "Jarvis"

    I have one of these early clocks in here. I would like to know if these clocks used steel plates. It looks likes they were brass plated steel. In areas the plating has worn of and the base metal exposed. In others there looks to be areas of rust. Once its cleaned up and ready to be put back...
  10. Nicko

    Suspension Spring

    I posted some photos of a Hauck clock that I have. After being away for a few months I returned to find that the suspension spring had broken. Where and what would the best to be to use as a replacement and are there any instructions regarding length, fork and block placement. I don't know how...
  11. Nicko

    Ansonia BPH

    Hello all I have an Ansonia Parisian mantel clock. It looks like 6 1/4 on the right of the front plate. Can anyone tell me the BPH for this clock. I don't really want to take it apart again to count teeth and leaves. Also what alteration in timekeeping does one turn of the rating nut make...
  12. Nicko

    HAC Wall Clock Levers

    I have have some basic dumb questions. I have just finished repairing an HAC Wall clock. On the back there are two steel levers, one for chime and one for strike. I don't understand what they do. If they are moved to lock the chime or strike hammers, the hammers are locked in the rest...
  13. Nicko

    Pivot Cups

    There was a post a few days ago about adjusting pivot cups. I would like to know the correct way to make one. I have a clock where the balance wheel is only just being held between the plates when the cup is adjusted all the way in. I did attempt to make one, I used some pivot steel, threaded...
  14. Nicko

    Ansonia BPM

    Hello all This movement is from an Ansonia Aspen kitchen clock. Its stamped 9 1/4 on the right of the plate. Can anyone tell me the BPH for this clock. I don't really want to take it apart again to count teeth and leaves. Thankyou Greg
  15. Nicko

    Ansonia runs backwards!

    It's not April 1st and I've been off the moonshine for a while now, but I swear this clock runs backwards. After unpacking it, attaching the pendulum, set the time, I gave the pendulum a swing and it started ticking. Way out of beat and needed about 8* of tilt to get an even beat. It stopped...
  16. Nicko

    Ansonia Lever movement

    G'Day I have an Ansonia lever movement on the bench at the moment. I posted some pictures in the Clocks section. There are some odd things about the movement, I have attached some pics. The DOL (dear old lady) who owns it says it only runs for about 3 days. There is a clunk every now and then...
  17. Nicko

    Ansonia Clock by Ansonia Brass Company

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows any more about this clock. It was made by the Ansonia Brass Company which would date it 1854 - 1869. I can't seem to see any info by browsing the web. Does anyone have a more accurate date. Was it made as a ships clock or just a wall clock. Did They have model...
  18. Nicko

    Lantern pinions

    This lantern pinion had a couple of bent trundles after a main spring explosion. I bought a wire pack from Timesavers. The trundles are .040" and the wire in the pack contains .0385" or .045". I know that I can get .040" but I would like to get this one back together and running again. Should I...
  19. Nicko


    The bushes in this plate need to be replaced, however there are a couple of things that I am unsure about. Is the previous bushing a stepped bush, or a bush with some fancy embossing. Where then should the new bush be trimmed at and the oil sink bored. If thats done at the level of the old bush...
  20. Nicko

    New Haven Strike Spring

    Hi All, This movement is from the New Haven "Danube" that was ID'd in the Clocks thread. I have been asked to repair this movement. The main spring is cracked and the strike string is missing as well as a few other disasters. Can anyone tell me the correct spring to use for the strike...

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